10 Things to Do During Your Study Break

Put down the books and take a break from studying. No, really…We’re serious! Taking about 10-15 minutes to de-stress for every hour you study is much-needed. In fact, it actually helps your mind process and retain the information better (See? No need to feel guilty about it). Not sure what to do with this little bit of downtime? Check out our ideas below that we specifically picked to keep your stress levels low. 

1. Read another chapter in your book. 

If you’re a bookworm, getting to flip through another chapter of your current read is the best motivation to make it to your study break. Plus, reading is always relaxing, so it’s a great way to diminish that stress from your study session before you pick back up where you left off again.



2. Do a few stretches.

You’ve just been sitting for about an hour straight—It’s time to get that blood flowing again! Get started with these stretches.


3. Listen to a short meditation.

Meditation is all about quieting the mind, so it’s easy to see why this is a great go-to between study sessions. If you’re a pro at meditating, simply close your eyes and get started. If you’re not? Search for short guided meditations on YouTube or through an app.


4. Whip up a healthy snack.

Stomach grumbling? You’d better fuel up or else you won’t concentrate well when you get back to work. Stick to something light and healthy so that you’re not tempted to put off your work for a long nap afterwards.


5. Watch some funny YouTube videos.

Mindless tasks like this are great for study breaks. That episode from your current Netflix series might be too long for your 10-15 minute window, but a few short YouTube videos work just as well. Bonus points if they make you laugh!


6. Take a brisk walk.

Getting some fresh air and light exercise is always a refreshing way to spend your study break. How about grabbing a friend to join you?



7. Browse through funny memes.

For a lot of us, opening Instagram and browsing through fresh memes is basically an instinct whenever there’s downtime. Nothing wrong with that! Just make sure you actually put your phone down once your break is over.


8. Kick back and get lost in a feel-good playlist.

Some people like spending their breaks doing as close to nothing as possible. If that’s your style, pop in some headphones and find a fun playlist to get lost in while you kick back and shut your eyes for a bit.


9. Relax with a quick podcast episode. 

This goes hand in hand with listening to music on your study break—Some people just prefer listening to some conversation instead. It’s all about personal preference.


10. Cuddle with your pet. 

Have you ever not smiled while hanging out with your furry friend? Didn’t think so. For obvious reasons, these loyal companions are great pick-me-ups when you need one.

Hey, we understand that self control is kind of hard when it comes to study breaks. If you’re the type that finds it nearly impossible getting back to work after a break, check out these procrastination tips.


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