5 Reasons to Make Sleep a Bigger Priority

Name a person who doesn’t love sleep. Not possible, right? Even Drake claims he only loves his bed (and his mom, of course). But if we all praise sleeping so much, why is it that pulling all-nighters is practically the norm in college? College life can get a bit hectic – we’ll admit – but you should seriously start making sleep a bigger priority. Here’s why.

1. It’ll help you prevent the freshman 15.

Did you know that a lack of sleep is associated with an increased risk of obesity? So if you’re trying to avoid the infamous freshman 15, you’d better start catching those Z’s! There are various factors that lead to this — but in short, sleep deprivation throws your body’s hormones out of whack, making you feel more hungry more often. Think about it…You’re also more likely to reach for the most convenient food options when you’re tired rather than the healthier ones.


2. It helps your performance throughout the day.

From concentrating in your morning lecture and staying productive during your study sessions, to making important decisions at your internship, you can thank sleep for helping you out in those areas. That’s not all, though. Even your social interactions are affected by sleep! Basically, you’re not you when you’re sleepy.



3. It helps you learn.

You’re in school to learn, aren’t you? Aside from the whole “better concentration and productivity” thing, sleep also helps your mind retain the information you’re learning. Let us make this clear — You’ll actually pay better attention in your lecture, and remember the information down the line. Pretty cool, huh?


4. It helps you fight off sickness.

There’s not much time to slow down in college, so it’s the worst when the cold or flu virus leaves you down for the count. In order for your immune system to perform properly and fend off these viruses, you need sleep. Not to mention, a lack of sleep also increases your risk of certain diseases down the line (heart disease and diabetes to name a few). Your health depends on sleep!


5. It affects your happiness.

Aren’t we all just trying to live our best lives? That means being happy, and a lack of sleep can definitely put a damper on things. Studies show that sleep deprivation can lead to mood swings, a lack of motivation, and even depression. What do we say to that? No, thanks.


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