7 Websites to Visit When You Need a Little Pick-Me-Up

For most of us, catching a breather on a stressful day often just means scrolling through social media updates on our phones. But is looking at photos of your best friend’s tropical vacation or your classmate’s vegan meal really going to be that pick-me-up you need? Probably not. Here are a few websites to check out instead.

1. Upworthy

It’s safe to say we’re all tired of the negative – and often terrifying – news in the mainstream media. That’s why we absolutely love Upworthy. This website focuses only on the stories that make the world a better place. You’ll read news that leaves you happy, uplifted, motivated, and inspired.


2. Imgur

This image-sharing site has a little bit of everything. You’ll get a dose of viral memes, hilariously relatable stories, fresh perspectives about relevant issues, and much more. Imgur brings forward content based on “upvotes” from other users, so you’ll essentially catch the internet’s most viral content right at its source.



3. TED

This one is a classic, and it’s fairly obvious why we chose this site as a good pick-me-up. With both worldly and self-help topics ranging from almost anything you can think of, TED features videos and essays from thought-leaders that will leave you nothing less than motivated and inspired.


4. Funny or Die

Do you agree that the best pick-me-up is often something that leaves you hunched over laughing? We think so. Funny or Die features videos that you’ll definitely find hilarious. How do we know? Users vote on whether they think an upload is funny or not, so only the best videos make it to the top (Also, Will Ferrell was one of the co-founders, so it pretty much has to be funny).


5. Fail Blog

It might sound bad, but hey…there’s something oddly uplifting about watching fails when you need a pick-me-up. No shame! It’s comforting seeing that no matter what kind of day you’re having, it could be a lot worse. So sit back, look at the fails in this blog, and don’t feel guilty for laughing a bit. That’s what they’re there for, after all.


6. We Rate Dogs

Okay, this might not be its own website, but it’s totally the pick-me-up you’re looking for — We promise! We Rate Dogs is a social media account that shares regular cute doggo pics along with a rating (spoiler alert: they’re always above 10!). Find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


7. Now I Know

Now I know features a fun true story that you’ve probably never heard of each day. You can choose to visit this site whenever you’re bored, or subscribe to the daily newsletter. We suggest the latter. It’s definitely not one of those spam-y newsletters you’ll just end up deleting from your inbox. On the contrary, it actually becomes something you’ll look forward to checking every day. How about unwinding with each day’s story during your study break or after a long class?


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