Dorm Room Dinner Recipes for One

Not in the mood to head to the dining hall? Don’t want to order delivery yet again? Tired of microwaving the same ramen noodles over and over? We hear you. These are some of the food-related challenges the come with living in a dorm room. You don’t have a real kitchen to whip up a whole meal, and your mini fridge can only store so many leftovers. That’s where the dinner options below come in. You can easily throw these single-serving recipes together without an oven or stove. Give ’em a shot!

Avocado Caprese Salad

A refreshing dinner option like a salad is always a solid choice, and the slices of avocado will ensure it’s actually a filling dish. We like how FoodieCrush put it best when they said “It’s just a big dose of health in a bowl.” Find the full recipe here.


Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Why make a trip to Chipotle when you can whip up a burrito bowl for one right in your dorm? If you’re not sold on the whole “vegetarian” thing, feel free to add some pre-cooked shredded chicken to the recipe. Find the full recipe here.


Egg Fried Rice

While it’s mostly known as a side dish, there’s no reason you can’t make this fried rice the star of the show. This is another recipe you can add pre-cooked chicken to if you’re missing out on that meat element. Find the full recipe here.


Beet & Shrimp Winter Salad

Here’s another delicious salad option if you’re into that. This time, you’ll be throwing in some shrimp as your protein. Yum! Just make sure you opt for shrimp that’s pre-cooked if you’re living stove-less in your dorm room. Find the full recipe here.


Italian Meatball Stew

Now this one screams comfort food. All of the ingredients can be thrown together in a mug and simply microwaved until complete. Easy, right? Find the full recipe here.



This microwaved rendition might not be the same as grandma’s lasagna recipe, but it’s definitely yummy enough to whip up in your dorm room time and time again. Seriously, you’ll love it. Find the full recipe here.


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