5 Signs You Need to Cut Yourself a Break

Between exam days, classes, extracurriculars, and – of course – social lives, it’s ridiculously easy letting your personal needs slip through your fingers. Life gets busy! But too much work and not enough “me time” can really take a toll on you and lead to some pretty awful stress and burnout. Take a look at these tell-tale signs you need to cut yourself a break.

1. You feel drained. Like really drained. 

Everyone feels tired now and then, but the totally draining feeling you get from burnout is completely different. This is the type of exhaustion you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally…and just a simple power nap after class probably won’t fix it.


2. You’re generally uninterested in things. 

On top of feeling completely drained, you might notice a general lack of interest in things you typically love — like late-night diner runs with your friends, spending weekends with your family, and game days and tailgates at your school. No matter how hard you try enjoying them, your mind just isn’t there.



3. You’re constantly anxious.

Yikes…this is a brutal cycle. Your mind might be filled with anxious thoughts and worse-case-scenario thinking, but the apathy and exhaustion is keeping you from finding a solution.


4. You’ve developed a short temper. 

This is more than just getting a little bit salty with your friends now and then. Have you noticed yourself snapping at people you love for the littlest things? We know you’re not a bad person, but burnout can totally leave you on edge like this.


5. You’re getting physically sick.

You’d better believe there are health implications when you don’t give yourself the TLC you need. Stress weakens your immune system, so you may notice yourself falling victim to bothersome colds and viruses more often (and for longer periods of time).

Are you relating to this list a little bit too much? Make sure to start squeezing more self care into your schedule, even on the busy days.


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