7 Easy Ways to Get More Fresh Air

Spring has sprung, and it’s safe to say we’re beyond happy that we can start spending more time outdoors. After all, there are plenty of perks associated with catching some sunshine—like reduced stress levels, better focus, and much more. So, rather than going on and on about why you should head outdoors, let’s cut right to the chase and share some ideas on how you can start working more fresh air into your day.

1. Move your workout outdoors.

Instead of your normal gym sesh at the rec center, how about taking your workout outdoors? You could run laps around campus rather than staying put on the treadmill, or run up the bleachers at the sports field rather than tackling the StairMaster at the gym. Improvise, guys!



2. Find a picnic bench for lunch.

The cafeteria is SO last season. It’s all about dining outdoors now! Grab your friends between classes and find a nice table outside where you can eat and soak up the sunshine.


3. Study beneath a tree.

It’s kind of cliché, but we’re still totally onboard if it means enjoying a stress-free study environment. Studying beneath a big, shaded tree sounds absolutely perfect on a beautiful spring day.


4. Or, an open window.

Okay, let’s say it’s a little bit too breezy for an outdoor study location. Or, you’re rocking messy hair and mismatching sweats and just really don’t feel like showing your face in public (no judging!). Rather than feeling cooped up indoors while you’re deep in your textbooks, prop open the window and set your desk right below it so you can catch the refreshing breeze.


5. Walk to class, and take the longer route.

In the frigid winter, you probably sped-walked to class in attempt to save yourself from that awful blistering cold air that whipped at your face. Can we all take a moment to appreciate how that’s finally over?  Even if it means leaving a few minutes earlier, it’s worth taking your time walking to class now and actually enjoying the warm spring air. Maybe even take the scenic route!



6. Take advantage of the intramural fields.

With warmer weather comes more fun activities for you to fill your free time! So, as great as Netflix and video games were over the winter, you can now switch things up and head outdoors instead. How about playing a pick-up game of basketball at the courts or tossing a frisbee over at the intramural fields?


7. Find a bench and “people watch” between classes.

So we’ll admit, the term “people watching” sounds kind of creepy—but it’s something we all subconsciously do at some point or another. When you’re in between classes and just want a short mindless break, it’s nice relaxing on a bench with some headphones and just zoning out as you observe your surroundings.

How do you get fresh air throughout the day? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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