Lessons From Our Leaders: Celebrating Women During Women’s History Month

With March being Women’s History Month, we thought it was the perfect time to feature all the different women who inspire us here at The College Juice. We want to share their stories, to highlight the lessons they’ve taught us, and – most importantly – we want to celebrate them. We’ll be spotlighting women in business who are creating careers they love, athletes exemplifying their talents and strength, activists working to change the world, and so many more – women who inspire us, who motivate us, who empower us.

Rather than just focus on women from history, we thought we’d look to women of today and tomorrow as well.  And who better to start with than with our very own Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa Malat? Keep reading to hear her thoughts about forging your own career path, owning your career journey about how we’re #CelebratingWomen at Barnes & Noble College.


To Our Students and College Juice Readers –

I am honored to be asked to share my thoughts for our Celebrating Women campaign. We are so proud to be able to recognize and celebrate the amazing achievements and notable contributions from women across all industries and professions who share their voice and talents through their products, services or art to inspire us every day.

I have been blessed with a career that didn’t follow a single trajectory. I didn’t “stay in my lane” or focus on a single discipline or functional area within the business world- I didn’t follow the path of my college major- but instead, kept my mind and options open and landed in an industry that seemed so distant from what I ‘thought” I wanted to be.


Lesson One: Have a plan, but remain flexible.

When I mentor young women today, my mantra is pretty consistent. YOU are accountable for your career, not HR, not your boss. You must take charge of your own journey. Don’t wait for someone to give you the power, the position or assignment. Seek out every opportunity to build your skills, your network and your knowledge. Find that “white space”:- Ask, where can I add value? – and get to it- deliver exceptional work that goes way beyond anyone’s expectations.


Lesson Two: Own your Career Journey.

Early in my career, I learned a tough lesson. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to receive honest unfiltered feedback from my team. I learned that although I felt great about my focus and my ability to “check things off my list” – my team felt otherwise: I needed to be heads up in the work of connecting with people; of learning to be a leader. To this day I consider any and all feedback I receive to truly be a gift.


Lesson Three: The People are the Work.

We hope you are inspired by the incredible women we are profiling and their stories. At Barnes & Noble College we are proud to serve and support the hopes and dreams of college students across the country.

Wishing all our readers the courage, determination and confidence to discover what truly makes you happy.

Enjoy the journey.




Lisa Malat

Chief Marketing Officer | Barnes & Noble College



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