Life-Changing Pieces of Advice Shared by Our Readers

Advice comes in many forms: good, bad, and (sometimes) just plain unhelpful…but we’re interested in the type of advice that’s life-changing. Each month, we pose a question to our readers and dedicate a blog post to their helpful insights. This month we asked, “What piece of advice changed your life?” Check out some of the responses below.

“I always tell my little sister, ‘time will tell you everything you need to know,’ and it holds true for everything in life: people, jobs, friendships, and relationships.” 

– Lauren C., Saint Mary’s College of California



“‘From failing you learn. From success, not so much,’ is a quote from Aunt Billie in Meet the Robinsons, and after rewatching the movie in January, it completely changed my perspective on school work. Even if I fail from something, the way of dealing with it is to turn it into a learning experience, rather then something that I end up being bitter over.”

– Hannah B., Rochester Institute of Technology


“It was when I went to see one of my all time favorite films, We Bought a Zoo. It was a quote by Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon’s character in the film) and the real life man. ‘You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.’ It has guided me my whole life.”

– Cannon R., Tennessee Technological University


“You are never to old to go back to school and reinvent yourself. Choose a career you can be passionate about no matter how many times you’ve failed at trying to achieve it. You fail when you give up and stop trying.”

– Melinda C., Riverside Community College


 “Don’t worry about your grade, worry about improving.”

– Jennifer W., UNCW


“Life is too short. Never save anything for a special occasion. Every day is special!”

– Marla E., Pierce College



“Keep a gratitude journal, recording just three things every day that you’re thankful for, no matter how small. (I read this piece of advice in The Girls’ Book of Wisdom by Catherine Dee a few years ago during the time I was suffering from clinical depression; because I decided to make the effort to follow the advice, I have now conquered depression and am a content, confident, optimistic person today.)”

– Emily L. Wake Technical Community College 


“College is a bubble. Sometimes, it seems like everyone else around you has it all figured out. However, that is not the case — the majority of people don’t have their life planned. It seems like there is the constant pressure to have it all figured out, but just focus on doing your best and keeping an open mind as you try new things.”

– Joanne H., Northwestern University


“Get rid of resume fillers and pursue your dreams with passion. If you’re doing what you love with who you love, you can’t go wrong.”

– Amanda D., Emory University


“It’s never late for starting over.”

– Nancy L., ECC

What advice changed your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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