5 Ways to Keep Your Health at the Top of Mind in College

You’ve got plenty of responsibilities in college — you’re probably on your own now for the first time, you’re working toward your degree, and you’re building relationships with both friends and professionals. When there’s a lot on your plate, it’s easy letting important things slip through your fingers — like your health, for example. How can you keep something that crucial at the top of your mind? We listed a few ways below.

1. Utilize apps to track healthy habits.

We’re lucky we live in an age where you can use an app as your sidekick for almost anything. An app like Waterlogged can help you ensure you’re downing enough H2O each day, MyFitnessPal helps count calories, and Wonderful Day tracks your progress with any other healthy habit you can think of! It’s definitely easier staying on track when you always have a digital reminder right at your fingertips.


2. Keep tabs on your footsteps. 

Did you know you should typically aim for about 10,000 steps per day? That’s totally achievable, but given the amount of time we spend sitting in class or studying, it’s pretty easy falling off track. We love the idea of fitness accessories like a Fitbit (or you can try finding an app for a cost-friendly alternative!). Being able to track your footsteps at all times makes for some great encouragement to walk to class more, take the stairs, or get up and moving during your study breaks.



3. Plan for “mental health” days. 

As exciting and busy as college life is, we all need time where we can just relax and unwind. Every so often, look for lighter days in your schedule where you can easily clear some space — and before you quickly fill that day up with plans, stop yourself! Instead, use this as a guilt-free day where you can kick back with your favorite book, binge-watch your favorite series, or anything else that helps you relax.


4. Build a support system.

You probably already have a support system within reach without even realizing it! Maybe that friend from your morning lecture would love grabbing a healthy lunch with you after class each week. And, your roommate might be the perfect gym buddy who will always ensure you guys make it through your workouts. Look beyond your peers as well. Even following health and wellness accounts on social media or subscribing to podcasts on the subject can serve as a helpful support system.


5. Tailor your environment to your intended lifestyle.

It’s definitely hard keeping health at the top of mind when there’s unlimited food at the dining hall, students are pulling all-nighters left and right, and late nights fueled by sugary energy drinks are the norm. It’s up to you to turn this college environment into something that can help remind you of your goals. Think healthy snacks in the dorm room, free weights and other exercise equipment within reach, and anything else that will help motivate you.


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