5 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

We’ll be the first ones to say it…mornings are rough. There’s nothing fun about leaving the peaceful bliss of your bed (which suddenly becomes 100x’s more comfortable after your alarm sounds), and then having to rush to get ready for a full day of classes. But what if your morning routine was really simple? We’re all for making mornings as stress-free as possible, so check out our suggestions on how to speed through the hassle. 

1. Organize your closet and vanity.

How much of your morning routine do you spending scouring your closet for a specific sweater or rummaging through your vanity for your favorite mascara? It might not seem like a big time-sucker, but those minutes really do add up! Schedule in some time to completely revamp the areas that are crucial to your morning routine. Aside from just keeping the areas tidy, think about specific ways you can organize your belongings so that they’re convenient for you — such as storing your most highly-used articles of clothing in the front center of your closet.


2. Prepare the night before where you can.

It’s sometimes rough thinking about preparing for tomorrow after you just went through a long day, but you’ll seriously thank yourself if you do. Planning your outfit and preparing your lunch the night before really saves you a lot of stress the next morning. On top of that, you can also make sure your shoes are by the door mat, your keys are on the hook by the front door, and your book bag is already packed.



3. Drink water right away.

How is this going to speed up your morning routine? It’s all about your state of mind. If you often wake up super groggy (don’t we all?), it might be because you’re dehydrated. Think about it…you just went 8 or so hours without a sip of water! So rather than slowly dragging yourself through your morning routine, drink some water right when you wake up so that you’ll actually feel more alert.


4. Get to bed early enough. 

On a similar note, you might be sluggishly making your way through your routine simply because you haven’t had enough sleep. That’s sure to slow you down! Plus, you’re more inclined to keep hitting the snooze button if you feel you haven’t caught enough Z’s. We know it’s tough in college, but definitely try hitting the hay earlier!


5. Figure out where you can multitask. 

Okay, we understand that first thing in the morning, you probably want to use your brain as little as possible. Definitely don’t try to master some crazy multitasking act when you’ve only just opened your eyes for the day! But there are totally some easy, doable ways you can multitask to shave a few minutes off of your morning routine — like eating a quick grab-and-go breakfast while you walk to class.


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