10 Thoughts Everyone Has Before Graduating from College

It’s totally normal having a million thoughts run through your mind whenever you meet a new major life milestone, and graduating from college is no exception. If you’re feeling excited, scared, and relieved (all at once)…you’re certainly not alone. Take a look at these 10 thoughts everyone has before graduating.

1. “Wow, I actually made it.”

There were times when you probably wanted to quit, and times when you thought you’d never get through the school work. You made it, though. It’s a major accomplishment, and you should be proud.


2. “Where did all the time go?”

It feels like just yesterday you were a freshman, yet the current freshman seem like babies!


Graduating from College


3. “What if I can’t find a job?”

It’s certainly discouraging when you send out quite a few applications and don’t hear back. Job hunting isn’t easy, and there’s an added sense of pressure when you see your fellow graduates accepting offers. It might feel overwhelming, but rest assured that your time will come. It’s not a race!


4. “I’m not even totally sure what I want to do with my life.”

You might have expected one of those “aha!” moments where you totally knew your life purpose. Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s called a career “journey” for a reason. You’ll figure it out over time. What’s important is remaining positive through the transition.


Graduating from College


5. “How will I adjust to my first ‘big person’ job?”

Your internship experience definitely helped prepare you, but this feels much more real — doesn’t it?


6. “I don’t actually feel like an adult.”

Just the other day you binge-watched Netflix until 3 a.m. and ate leftover Chinese food for breakfast. Honestly, the whole “adulting” thing takes time. (And there’s nothing wrong with keeping your inner child strong!)


Graduating from College


7. “Life will never be the same.”

The reality really starts setting in, and it’s a lot to digest! No more school breaks, no more lively campus life, and no more sleeping through your 8 a.m. lectures. Graduating from college definitely changes your daily routine.


8. “What if I grow apart from my friends?”

You’re not within arms reach of all your friends anymore. It’ll definitely take a bit more effort hanging out from now on, but your most important friendships will remain strong.


Graduating from College


9. “On the plus side…No. More. Exams!”

THIS. This is a reason to celebrate.


10. “The possibilities are endless.”

Even through all the worry, deep down you know your future is in your control. There are so many more things you’re about to accomplish, and it’s exciting!


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  1. Cassandra Jackson says:

    I have had such an amazing journey, I am experiencing different emotions all at once, happy, sad, scared, proud anxious , curious all roll into one. It’s exciting because I know and feel that there are so many different possibilities that will be at my fingertips, the best advice I can give is to never give up,, be persistent and continue until you reach your try potential.

  2. Chiquita Renee Williams says:

    This has truly been a long journey I never thought I would have made it I’m not only a student but I’m a mother of Three Daughters I’m a wife ,like many I have a full time job I felt like giving in at times , But some how I just couldn’t give up on my vision ,my dreams so I dug a lil deeper and found the strength to keep pushing and continue to stay focus and be more optimistic about my future of becoming a better person, By helping others To achieve their goals also with God you can do all things.

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