5 Pieces of Motivation That Will Convince You to Show Up for Class

It’s nearing the end of the term and the weather is warming up, making it increasingly tempting to skip class. Can you relate? If you’re looking for some motivation to actually get yourself going, don’t worry—we got you.

1. You’re wasting some serious bucks if you skip. 

You probably hear this all the time, but here’s some perspective. Let’s say your tuition is about $6,700 per semester. Now, if you’re taking five courses, that’s $1,340 each. If you meet once a week for 15 weeks, that’s almost $90 per class! Think about it this way…would you spend $90 for a meal and not eat it? Would you buy a $90 pair of shoes you weren’t going to wear? Didn’t think so.


2. It’ll save you some studying. (Which means more time for fun!)

Let’s just say it flat out—Nobody likes studying. While you might not like going to class either, at least you’ve got some assistance there to clarify lessons and go over any questions you have. If you miss out on that, well, that’s just more studying you’ll have to do on your own later on.



3. You won’t miss any important information. 

Classes in college move at lightening speed. Most semesters run about 15 weeks long with each class meeting only once or twice per week. That’s really not much time, so a lot of ground is covered during just one day. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on that important warning professors love announcing mid-lecture — “This will be on the exam!”


4. You’ll feel better afterwards.

Trust us when we say that the hardest part is just getting yourself out the door. If you can muster enough motivation to get past that hump, everything will be smooth sailing from there. And, once you realize that it wasn’t so bad after all, you’ll seriously feel good that you convinced yourself to go. No regrets, no guilt.


5. There’s only a few more weeks left. 

Sometimes, this is the best motivation. You only have a few more classes left before you’re done, so you might as well just pull through a little bit longer. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in the sun over summer vacation.

Hopefully this gave you the motivation you were looking for to get out of bed and show up! We understand how tough that is this time of year.


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