5 Ways Overthinking is Holding You Back

Ask anyone and they’ll probably tell you they’ve been a victim of overthinking at some point. Nobody is completely immune to it. However, you can start taking control of your own intrusive thoughts, and we totally think you should. Why? Just check out these five reasons your overthinking is holding you back.

1. It’s keeping you from new experiences.

Have you ever caught yourself saying “no” to something that could potentially be awesome, simply because of overthinking? Maybe you started fearing what everyone would think of you. Maybe your mind started running through all the ways things could go wrong. Or, maybe you got worried you already had too much on your plate, only to later realize you actually had plenty of time.


2. And learning new things.

New experiences mean new learning opportunities. If your overthinking is preventing you from trying new things like we mentioned above, you can bet you’re missing out on an opportunity to learn something really cool!



3. It’s killing your productivity.

Overthinking might be taking up more of your time than you think. Instead of putting your ideas into action (whether it be at school, work, or in your home life), you’re potentially spending too much time thinking about the outcome, your plan of approach, or whether or not your ideas are even good. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with careful planning — but at the end of the day, you should still be getting things done.


4. It’s causing self-doubt.

Have your friends (or significant other) ever gotten frustrated at you because you couldn’t decide whether you’d prefer a big, juicy cheesesteak from the corner diner or a delicious, thin-slice pie from your favorite pizzeria? That’s overthinking! The self-doubt definitely goes beyond not knowing what you want for dinner, though. Like if you became riddled with stress before a presentation because you kept picturing yourself failing, or you passed up a really cool career opportunity because you were filled with fears that you weren’t cut out for it.


5. It’s making you stressed.

Overthinking means you have a million unnecessary thoughts running through your mind. And do you know what that means? Stress. Sometimes you can even forget to enjoy a moment because your mind is consumed with stressful thoughts that really don’t even need your attention.

Ready to tone down your overthinking? It’s definitely a process (and we understand it’s not easy!), but you can get started with our tips here.


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