7 Steps for an Instant Room Refresh

The turn of the season leaves us all craving some changes. It is spring cleaning time, after all. And while a whole bedroom renovation may not be in the cards for you right now, you can still give your room an instant refresh. Here’s what we recommend. 

1. Make your bed.

It sounds like such a chore, but hey—it can’t take any longer than two minutes tops, right? Plus, remember that your bed is the main focal point of your bedroom. Simply tackling this minor task can make a major difference.


2. Get rid of any empty water bottles and dishes.

Let’s not pretend like we don’t all rack up a collection of empty water bottles on our nightstands from time to time. It seems like they start spawning out of no where, right? But before your stockpile starts getting too large, gather them all up and head to the recycling bin. And while you’re at it, take care of any cups or dishes laying around, too.


3. Actually put away your laundry.

Are you guys familiar with the whole “chair” method? You know…the one where you lay your freshly cleaned clothes in a pile on a chair so you know that it’s clean, while the dirty clothes are the ones scattered across the floor? We totally get the convenience of that strategy, but (there’s always a but) imagine how much it’d transform your room if you actually folded and put away the clothes from that “chair” pile. As for the clothes on the floor? Those can move straight to the hamper.



4. Tackle any stale odors. 

Your room might appear clean, but any odors still lurking around say otherwise! For a quick fix, tackle your hamper with fabric refresher until you get around to doing laundry, wipe down any dusty areas with a cleaning wipe or spray, and crack a window for some fresh air. Another tip: if there are any odors coming from your mini fridge (eek…leftovers!), place an open box of baking soda in there to absorb the stench.


5. Rearrange your furniture. 

Simply changing the way your furniture is set up can make you feel like you have a whole new room! Figure out if there’s a way you can improve your bedroom’s overall layout—such as setting up your desk under the natural sunlight of a window, or moving your dresser to a corner so that your room appears more spacious.


6. Bring out new decorative pieces. 

The right decor pieces can instantly change the whole vibe of your room, and this doesn’t have to be a whole costly project, either. For example, simply hanging a large tapestry is a super easy (and cheap!) change, but it essentially transforms an entire wall into a brand new focal point. You can also make simple changes like hanging new photographs, adding a new throw pillow or two, or even crafting a few DIYs.


7. Open up your blinds.

We love solutions that take no more than 10 seconds. This is the final step to your room refresh, and although it’s ridiculously simple, we highly recommend it. Opening up your blinds all the way and letting the sunlight in will make your room appear much brighter and more spacious.


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