8 Completely Underrated Ways to Relax

We take relaxation pretty seriously, but do you blame us? It’s so crucial when you’re in college tackling things like exams, projects and internships on the regular. If you’re bored of just kicking back with a book or your favorite TV show, check out these relaxing activities that are seriously underrated.

1. Go on a solo date with yourself.

Going out…alone? Yes, that’s exactly what we mean. While you might usually grab a friend or two before visiting a cafe or coffee shop, there’s something so relaxing about simply enjoying your own company.


2. Turn off your phone. 

Here’s a tactic that’s often suggested, but not often followed. We seriously think it’s worth a shot, though. Spending a tech-free day (or even just a few hours) serves as a great reminder of all the simple pleasures you typically overlook when you’re caught up in your phone.



3. Visit a park. 

Parks are basically relaxation havens. First of all, it’s worth mentioning the restorative aspect of nature—meaning, it helps diminish stress and gives you a fresh mindset. But aside from that, enjoying the peacefulness of taking a brisk walk or the mindlessness of pumping on a swing is unbeatable.


4. Watch music videos.

You might already pop in some headphones while you relax, but this takes it a step further by getting more of your senses involved. If you ask us, it’s worth that extra step.


5. Learn about something new.

Learning might not sound relaxing, but it really can be when it’s on your own terms. Haven’t you ever found yourself lost deep in the pages of Wikipedia while researching the most random things? Seriously, though—you can look up anything from your favorite celebrity’s net worth to why you shouldn’t bring a corned beef sandwich to outer space.


6. Stargaze.

Stargazing is seriously underrated because most people get bored by the mere thought of just laying there and (quite literally) staring into space. However, what if you got your mind more involved? Try downloading an app like SkyView Lite and see if you can identify constellations, or catch the International Space Station flying by.



7. Clean.

Most people would skip right over this suggestion assuming it’s more of a chore than a relaxation technique. We’ll admit this isn’t an option fit for everyone, but some people really unwind to simple and productive motions like dusting, vacuuming, and organizing.


8. Go for a drive.

We’ll bet you’ve heard someone suggest going for a walk as relaxing activity before. Hey, we can’t knock that! But we think the laid-back feeling of going on a scenic drive is seriously underrated. If you’re not in the mood for a walk, try this instead.

How do you enjoy relaxing? Let us know your own suggestions in the comments below!


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  1. Kerri Salas says:

    Thanks and it is great to realize that we need to educate ourselves on health as well as knowledge.

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