5 Ways to Fight Finals Week Fatigue

Let’s cut right to the chase…finals week is exhausting. There’s a lot to do, not all that much time, and quite a bit (okay, a lot a bit) of pressure to bring your ‘A’ game. With that said, we’re offering our best tips on fighting finals week fatigue below.

1. Break up your study sessions.

Nothing screams “draining” like reading through yet another page of notes when you’ve already been deep in your textbook for the past two and a half hours. Eek! There’s a lot of pressure to study non-stop during finals week (after all, there is a lot of material to cover), but we can’t stress enough how important regular study breaks are. Not only will they keep your mind from getting too fatigued to focus, but they’ll actually help you retain more information, too! So, take a little mental “breather” for every 45-60 minutes of studying, and make sure you spend your breaks wisely.


2. Choose the right energy booster.

If finals week had a mascot, we’re pretty certain it’d be a big ol’ Venti cup of coffee. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing some Joe during finals week. We’d suggest keeping your coffee orders simple, though. The more fancy and sugar-filled your drink is, the more likely you’ll experience those dreadful caffeine crashes (and probably at the most inconvenient time!). On that note, steer clear of sugar-filled energy drinks as well.

Oh, and we can’t skip past this section without shouting out our all-time favorite energy booster: water. Fatigue is often caused by dehydration, so make sure you’re regularly sipping water all day long.



3. Make time for healthy meals.

During the craziness of finals week, it’s so easy opting for the convenience of a salty snack rather than getting in a regular meal. Your body needs fuel, though—especially this week! Use your study breaks to squeeze in time for a healthy, well-rounded breakfast, lunch and dinner. Something heavy enough to keep you satisfied, but light enough so that you’re not held back by a debilitating food coma.


4. Forget about all-nighters.

Seriously, just forget they ever even existed. We don’t need to explain to you that all-nighters will cause fatigue, because – well – that’s obvious. But what if we told you they’ll impair your focus and memory retention on exam day? Trust us, it’s not worth it.


5. Form a study/support group.

Getting together with a study group has a few perks. First of all, it’s refreshing having a support system of others facing the same finals-week struggle as you are. Second, bouncing ideas and study questions off of one another will keep you from snoozing and zoning out mid-studying. It’s a win-win!

How are you fighting finals week fatigue? Share your own ideas in the comments below.


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  1. Bill says:

    Awesome advice!

  2. Bill says:

    Awesome advice! Get some workout in as well!

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