5 Pieces of Motivation to Help You Start Studying for Finals

Motivation really starts lacking at the end of the term. After all, summer vacation is within reach, and you’ve put forward hard work all semester long. The worst part? Final exams are lurking around the corner, and it’s really hard hunkering down for a study session until you’re met with that stressful last-minute pressure. If you need some motivation to get started on studying for finals now, don’t worry—we got you. 

1. If you start studying for finals now, you can beat the burnout.

Avoiding burnout is nearly impossible when you cram everything at the last minute, and when you’re burnt out, you lose all focus and motivation. Your study sessions may last hours longer simply because you’re too stressed to actually grasp what you’re reviewing! If you start now, you’ll have time for regular study breaks, and your stress levels won’t end up skyrocketing.


2. You’ll actually retain more information if you spread out your study sessions.

Those study breaks we just mentioned aren’t just essential for avoiding burnout—they also help you learn! It’s always good breaking up your study sessions into chunks so that you’re reviewing often, but not for too long at once. This practice will actually help you retain more information on exam day. Remember, there won’t be much time for study breaks if you wait too long to start studying for finals!


Studying for Finals


3. An all-nighter the day before the exam will hinder your performance.

On a similar note, ditch the mindset that an all-night cram session the night before your exam will keep the information fresh in your mind. Sleep deprivation impairs concentration and performance, and that will show on your exam results! Plus, sleep actually plays a crucial role in learning. You’ll retain information better if you catch more Z’s after each study session. In other words, start studying now!


4. If you spot something confusing, there’s still time to get help.

There’s always a chance you’ll run into something confusing while you’re studying for finals. Simply put, you’ll have more time to catch these fuzzy areas and get extra help if you start reviewing now.


5. And most importantly, you won’t have to neglect your needs. 

We already mentioned how waiting until the last minute can affect your sleep schedule, but that’s not all. Imagine being so swamped with cramming that you neglect getting a real meal, spending time with friends, or even just getting a little laughter into your day. Yikes! That’s a recipe for burnout.

Hopefully this was just the motivation you needed! Remember, the hardest part is always getting started.


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