No-Fuss Plants for Your Spring Garden

We don’t know about you, but we’ve got a serious case of spring fever. With signs of green life popping up everywhere (and Earth Day just passing us by), we’re so ready to put our green thumbs to use. If you’re on the same page as we are, check out some of the no-fuss plants below that you can add to your spring garden.


These pink, sun-loving flowers will add a noticeable vibrancy to any garden — with little to no effort, of course. Although you might hear that it’s recommended to plant these guys during the fall, you can certainly still grow a thriving bunch of peonies in spring as well (or at least transplant some you’ve picked up at the gardening store).



A beautiful assorment of marigolds will give your garden a vivid fiery hue. These guys should pop up just a few days after planting, and will thrive just fine as long as the frost of winter has passed.



Green Beans.

If you’re looking to start a vegetable garden, green beans are one of the easiest veggies to grow. Plus, they make a great snack once they’re fully grown!



These plants–which flower in a variety of shades of pinks, purples, whites, and reds–are possibly one of the most common garden flowers in spring. That’s because they’re super easy to care for, and they often last through fall!




We left this category broad because essentially all herbs are simple to grow! If you’re looking to start your own herb garden, you can rest assured you’ll find success with herbs like basil, parlsey, mint and sage (just to name a few).



You may have seen these trendy plants gracing your Instagram feed or sitting atop office desks. These cute potted plants thrive both indoors and outdoors (you could even plant one in your dorm!), and is the perfect plant choice if you’re simply looking for something pleasant on the eyes without the hassle of growing seeds.




This one is a classic for new garderners. You may even have memories of planting these bright yellow flowers at school as a child! They’re super simple to grow, but be weary — rabbits love chomping on these plants. A wire fence around your batch of flowers should keep them at bay.



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