Easy Ways to Stay Healthy on Campus

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It’s the final countdown to the end of the term, and there’s absolutely no time for sick days. After all, final exams are inching closer, so you don’t want severe stress or pesky illnesses leaving you down for the count now! That’s why our friends at Target are dishing on some easy ways to stay healthy in college, even through all of the end-of-term madness.

Drink enough water.

Staying hydrated is a healthy habit that seems so simple, yet it’s not uncommon for someone to go through an entire day before they remember to have a sip. Ideally, you’ll want to keep hydrating all day long. The easiest way to go about this? Keep a reusable water bottle in your school bag so you can refill it as needed throughout your day.


stay healthy in college


Make time for self care.

Your newest mantra? “Self care isn’t selfish.” Now, repeat that to yourself a few more times so that you don’t forget. Practicing self care can take form in many ways. For one, you can make sure you’re unplugging every now and then so that you get in some much-needed “me” time. An excuse to curl up with a good book while sipping some healthy tea? Yes, please! But self care is both mind and body, so make sure you’re supporting your physical health as well. Things like vitamins and immune support supplements are super convenient, because—after all—there’s not much time to slow down for colds and viruses in college.


Opt for nutritious meals and healthy snacks.

Many students settle for convenience over nutrition when picking out their next meal, but it’s totally worth making the effort in the name of health. If you’re tight on time, try making your life easier by preparing some nutritious meals in advance. If you make a large enough yield, you can simply divide the leftovers into healthy portions using storage bags or containers. Then, simply pop them into the freezer and heat them up throughout the week as needed! When you don’t have time for a full-on meal? Slice up some apples, grab a handful of nuts, or opt for a different healthy snack that you can throw into a bag and bring with you to class.


Keep stress low by creating an organized space. 

Don’t underestimate the detrimental effects of stress! Believe it or not, it’s not only your mental health that’s at stake here. High stress levels actually weaken your immune system, leaving you more prone to colds and other bothersome viruses. While you can’t do anything about the amount of schoolwork and exams you have, you can reduce the amount of stress associated with it by adopting more organizational habits. For example, you can create a more productive workspace (that doesn’t entice you to procrastinate!) with different desktop organizers, a to-do list, and calendars.


stay healthy in college


Wash your hands often.

From handling money during your morning coffee run to bouncing from classroom to classroom for your lectures, it’s safe to say your hands see a lot of dirty surfaces throughout the day. Washing your hands often is a must in order to stay healthy in college, especially before meals. If you’re on-the-go and can’t make your way toward a sink and some soap, try carrying around a miniature hand sanitizer in your bag for convenience.


Wipe down any highly used devices and surfaces. 

Your hands aren’t the only things touching bacteria-filled surfaces. Think about all the places you’ve sat your phone before, and remember that this is the same phone you’re putting against your face to make calls with! Cleaning your devices with a disinfecting wipe once in awhile is much-needed. While you’re at it, wipe down anything else that gets a lot of traffic — like the desk you always study at, or the door knobs in your bedroom.

How do you manage your health when things get busy? Let us know your own best tips in the comments below.


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