5 Things Nobody Tells You About “Adulting”

One minute you’re just starting your freshman year of college, the next minute you’re thrown into this thing called adulthood. And while “adulting” is often made out to be this dreadful part of life where you’re drowning in responsibilities that you’re absolutely clueless about, we’re here to tell you that it’s not all that bad. Here are the things that nobody tells you about adulting.

You still might not know your passion or career path.

It might seem like graduating college is the official kickoff to building your dream career. While that’s definitely possible, it’s also incredibly common still not knowing what you want to do. You might land a fulltime job and then realize you want to steer your career in a different direction. Or, maybe you landed a gig that doesn’t seem dreamy, but a little bit of patience and career growth will get you where you want to be. You also may decide to go back to school at some point. All of these situations are totally normal, so don’t stress!


The learning doesn’t end (it might even feel like it speeds up). 

Just because you’re done (or almost done) sitting in physical classrooms, it doesn’t mean the learning slows down. They always say that experience is the best teacher, right? You might find yourself picking up new skills (and life lessons) at lightning speeds once you’re out of college. It might sound overwhelming, but at least there are no exams to study for, right?



You might not feel like an adult. 

As a child, every adult seemed so seasoned with life experience. It felt like they had everything all figured out, right? It’s not until you finally reach this “adulting” stage that you realize everyone is just doing the best they can. It doesn’t matter if you often eat a bowl of cereal for dinner, you still turn your socks red in the laundry, and you aren’t entirely sure how taxes work yet. Just because you don’t feel like an adult doesn’t mean you’re failing!


Your peers will all be in dramatically different places in their lives.

That “recent grad” phase of your life is definitely a whirlwind. You might have one friend getting married and starting a family, while another friend goes through Tinder matches like a pair of socks. And while some of your friends might already be working fulltime and making steady paychecks, other friends might still be in school or figuring out their careers. Our best advice? Don’t compare your path to others — there’s no one-size-fits-all timeline when it comes to “adulting.”


It’s not “all downhill from here.” 

College life is marked by carefree nights, making memories with friends, and meeting all kinds of cool people. Adulthood, though? Usually, we just think of the dreadful tasks — like calling to schedule your own appointments, reminding yourself you have food at home, and figuring out how taxes work. Ugh. But rest assured, “adulting” doesn’t mean abandoning everything you love for endless responsibilities. The fun doesn’t stop, it just takes form in new ways!


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