5 Ways to Reduce Job Interview Nerves

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to land an internship or a full-time role, job interviews are nervewracking. After all, you’re putting yourself out there in hopes of seriously impressing a potential employer, and that’s a lot of pressure! The next time you’re faced with these pre-interview nerves, try out some of our tips below.

1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Feeling fully prepared instantly knocks most of your stressors out of the way. Of course, you’ll definitely want to research the company inside and out and know the job description like the back of your hand. Preparing goes beyond that, though. Make sure you’ve got your outfit picked out, your interview materials ready to go (resume, cover letter, notepad, etc.), and you’re familiar with your route and its traffic patterns.


2. Practice common interview questions.

While there’s no way to know exactly what questions you’ll face, there are quite a few things you can anticipate. For example, you’ll most likely have to tell the interviewer a little bit about yourself, so having an elevator pitch prepared is a must! As for all the rest? Do some research online or download an app that’ll walk you through the best types of responses to commonly asked questions.

It’s also worth noting that you should have your own set of questions prepared as well. It’s less nervewracking when you remember you’re not the only one getting interviewed!



3. Put the interview in perspective.

When you so desperately want to leave your best impression, it’s common feeling like you’re completely at the mercy of your interviewer, and that’s an uneasy feeling! Putting things in perspective helps. Remember that your interviewer is human, too. They’ve been on the same side of the interview as you are, and they totally understand the nerves and pressure. If you can, try to picture your interviewer as a friend or colleague—not someone above you that was sent to pick you apart.


4. Remember that every interview is practice.

Guess what? It’s not the end of the world if you don’t land a job offer, so stop feeling like it is! There’s a lot of stress around performing perfectly in your interview. That’s because you likely see it as a failure if you mess up! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Instead, think of every interview you go through as practice for next time. After all, you’ll only get better each time.


5. Find a distraction.

You might be fully prepared, rehearsed, and ready to go, but you’re still facing those last-minute jitters while waiting for the moment to arrive. In this case, it’s all about distraction! This can be anything from exchanging some texts with friends, taking a random quiz on BuzzFeed, or even scrolling through Instagram. Anything to keep you from stress sweating!

Do you have your own tips that we didn’t list? Drop them in the comments below!


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