5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Goals

Do you ever get a sudden burst of motivation to accomplish a major goal? You feel so inspired, start working hard, and then a few days later (or maybe even a few minutes, TBH) you totally fall off track and then just brush that goal under the rug. Can you relate? Sticking to positive changes isn’t easy, but we’re letting you know some simple ways you can stay on top of your goals.

1. Celebrate your wins (even if they’re small).

We’ve all heard of dieting individuals treating themselves to a “cheat day” after eating well all week. And while giving in on the very thing you’re trying to cut out might not be the best reward, we still appreciate the concept of celebrating your wins. It’s a great motivator! Now, let’s go back to that dieting example. Instead of indulging in cupcakes and pizza after a job well done, how about rewarding yourself by splurging a bit at your favorite healthy restaurant?


2. Break down your goal into smaller goals.

Let’s say your goal is to be fit enough to run next year’s New York Marathon. That’s pretty huge! And while an ambitious end goal like that is great, it needs some support. Why? First of all, that end goal is quite some time away. And second, reaching that level of athletism requires a lot of hard work, making it easy to get frustrated with yourself along the way. Keep that aggressive end goal, but pair it with smaller goals throughout your journey. For example, you can make a goal to run “x” amount of miles by the end of this month, and then tack on a few more miles for the next month.




3. Don’t chase your goals alone.

It’s always great when you have an extra person around to motivate you. Maybe a friend has the same goal as you, and you guys can work toward it together! But even just keeping close friends and family in the loop about what you’re doing helps. It’s a bit awkward abandoning your progress when you know your friends will ask how that goal is coming along the next time you see them!

It’s also worth mentioning that support comes in many forms. Try looking up blogs and advice columns online that focus on your goal. You’ll likely find plenty of other people talking through the same struggles you’re facing, and maybe even find some great inspiration along the way.


4. Track progress with an app.

If you ask us, tracking your progress is a must. Otherwise, it’s ridiculously easy abandoning your goal and pretending like it never even existed. Luckily, there are apps out there specifically designed to keep you on track with your goals. It’s pretty convenient considering your phone is always by your side, anyway. These apps can help hold you accountable for these positive changes, remind you how far you’ve come, and inspire you to keep making progress.


5. Stop comparing yourself.

A little bit of motivation can go a long way, but be careful about how you’re finding motivation. You might think hanging up a picture of a model with an airbrushed body will motivate you to work out, but what happens when you realize you’re not achieving that unrealistic expectation? You’re sure to feel down on yourself and give up. Rather than comparing yourself to others, keep your eyes on your own progress.

How do you stay on top of your goals? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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