7 Things You Learn From Rejection

You win some, you lose some…that’s just how life goes. And while nobody likes rejection – or would willingly bring it into their lives – we all know that it’s a necessary part of growing and becoming stronger. Give yourself some peace of mind and rest assured that these positive lessons all stem from rejection.

1. You learn to put yourself out there. 

You could have shied away from taking a chance, but then you’d never know the outcome (and that sounds pretty dull, TBH). Instead, you bravely put yourself out there. Even though it resulted in rejection, you now have a bigger backbone to keep stepping out of your comfort zone. You survived this time, so you can definitely survive again.


2. You learn from your mistakes. 

Rejection has a way of forcing you to look at what went wrong, and that’s good! This is how you learn. Scrap the mistakes, try again, then repeat.



3. You learn your strong points. 

Hey, maybe this one thing you tried didn’t work out. Is there another way you can approach the situation in order to be more successful next time? Rather than just scrapping your past mistakes, you’ll also have to put more focus on your strong points. We all have them, but sometimes it takes getting knocked down to realize what they are.


4. You learn how to move forward.

Rejection is often the best motivator. It gives you that push to pick yourself back up and try harder because, after all,  failure is not final.


5. You learn to manage negative emotions.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it—rejection stings. Negative emotions always subside over time, though. As life continues throwing these lessons at you, you start learning how useless it is harping on these detrimental feelings.


6. You learn how to look at the bigger picture.

At some point after facing rejection, you realize it wasn’t the end of the world (even if it felt like it at the time). You survived, didn’t you? Now that you have that perspective, you can move on with grace.


7. You learn that it makes success that much sweeter. 

Could you imagine winning at every single thing you tried? Sure, it sounds great, but after awhile it’d lose its luster and you wouldn’t really earn that sense of accomplishment. Success is so much sweeter when you’ve worked hard and faced ups and downs along the way.


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