15 Seriously Underrated Summer Activities

We all know the basics of summer fun include things like beaches and barbecues, but what underrated summer activities are we all not showing enough love for? We’ve got quite a few ideas, so sit back as we list them off below.

1. Exploring your hometown.

Honestly, most of us crave travel over summer vacation—but what’s wrong with keeping it local when venturing out isn’t an option? Your hometown, or even neighboring towns, likely have a variety of cool spots you can enjoy.


2. Taking a summer class.

Hear us out before you scream, “boring!” Knocking some college credits out of the way over the summer is often less stressful than tacking on extra courses during the school year, so it may be worth it! Plus, who’s to say the class has to be academic-related? Cooking classes, ballroom dancing lessons, and even flying courses are all options as well!


3. Visiting the library.

Think about it this way…you have access to thousands of books! That’s literally entertainment that’ll keep you busy for days.



4. Taking a nap.

Naps deserve so much more love than they get. Whether you catch some Z’s on the couch, across a hammock, or oceanside at the beach is up to you.


5. Visiting flea markets and garage sales.

“But…that’s something my mom would do.” Okay, but did you ever think your mom might be onto something? You can get some pretty sick things for ridiculously low prices, and even take on a furniture flip project if you’re feeling handy enough!


6. Going on solo drives.

Most of us overlook the tranquility of enjoying our own company. Give it a try this summer.



7. Volunteering.

You can volunteer locally at food drives, animal shelters, or something else close to your heart — or, you can venture off overseas on a whole volunteer-based trip. So many options, yet so underrated!


8. Washing your car.

We think this one is underrated because it’s essentially disguised as a chore. But have you ever tried washing a car with your friends? It turns into an instant fun-in-the-sun water fight, and it’s so worth it.


9. Drawing with sidewalk chalk. 

It’s probably been years since you’ve enjoyed this activity, but creating artwork doesn’t have an age limit. Plus, you can bring back your favorite blacktop games from when you were a kid—like boxball!



10. Going cloud watching.

Mindless activities like this often get overlooked, but sometimes they end up being the most relaxing way to spend your day.


11. Building sandcastles.

You might typically lay out basking in the sun or wade in the ocean waves during your beach trips, but building sandcastles are where the real fun is at.


12. Collecting shells, leaves, or flowers.

It’s such a simple activity, but honestly, this can keep you entertained for hours. It’ll also have you venturing to different summer-friendly destinations—like parks, lakes, and beaches.



13. Camping out in your backyard.

Camping trips are super common in the summer, but the idea of a backyard campsite is often overlooked. It’s not childish…just convenient!


14. Seeing a motivational speaker.

When it comes to entertainment, most people buy tickets for concerts, festivals, and sporting events. Switch things up and catch a live motivational speaker, instead!


15. Going window shopping.

Most of the time, you’ll go shopping when you actually have a specific purchase in mind. Summer is a great time for window shopping, though! How about finding a cute village filled with local shops and restaurants to walk around in?

What else can you think of? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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