5 Reasons to Celebrate Dad This Year

If you ask us, dads don’t get nearly enough recognition. They’re basically superheroes (that rock white New Balances rather than a cape). Since Father’s Day is here and we’re all in the spirit of honoring dads, let’s talk about a few reasons why your old man deserves to be celebrated.

1. He makes you laugh, no matter how corny his jokes are.

Okay, maybe those classic dad jokes warrant a little bit of eye-rolling — like when you drive past a crowded cemetery and he exclaims, “People are just dying to get in there!” Corny or not, you can’t say you’ve never chuckled at one of dad’s wisecracks. (Even if you’re just laughing at him, not with him.)


2. He shares his favorite pastimes and traditions with you. 

From swinging through 18 holes of golf to filling up on hot dogs at the ballgame, there are certain activities that just aren’t the same without dad there. These are the pastimes he enjoyed growing up, and he’s so excited to share them with you. Now, that’s special!



3. He has your back, even when you don’t exactly deserve it. 

We all make mistakes sometimes. Dad might get a little bit heated whenever he catches some of your foolish antics, but at the end of the day, he always has your back. He may even grace you with that ever-so comforting line, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom.”


4. He’s full of valuable life lessons. 

Dad is always there to teach you the things that school can’t — from little lessons like how to grill like a pro or change a flat tire, to more serious guidance like how to work hard and seek healthy relationships. He’s an outstanding teacher, and always will be.


5. He’s your number one fan.

Nobody wants to see you succeed more than your own parents. Who was cheering you on from the sidelines at your soccer games growing up? Who shared that embarrassing Facebook photo of you once you got accepted to college? And who will be in the audience applauding when you receive your diploma? That’s dad for ya!

Of course, we can’t speak for all dads here. Let us know why your father (or father figure) deserves to be celebrated in the comments below!


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