7 Ways to De-Stress Outdoors This Summer

Summertime is all about good weather, pure relaxation, and carefree fun. But does that mean we’re all immune to stress once the summer season hits? Absolutely not. When the going gets tough, take advantage of the sunny weather with these simple ways to de-stress outdoors.

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1. Read outside.

Reading is a classic de-stress method, and it’s even better when you can take your book outdoors. Whether you set up beneath a tree, poolside on a lounge chair, or on a beach towel by the ocean is up to you.


2. Stargaze on a warm night.

Unwinding outdoors isn’t only a daytime option. Warm nights make for the perfect stargazing experience. Keep a close eye out in early August — this is when the Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak!


3. Walk (or bike) through a nature trail.

There’s nothing quite like taking a stroll through a wooded area surrounded by plants, wildlife, and beautiful creeks and streams. It’s the perfect escape! Find your nearest trail here.



4. Get in on the goat yoga trend. 

If you haven’t yet heard about this healthy new trend, it’s essentially your typical yoga class except with goats involved! That means that while you’re stretching into child’s pose, an adorable little goat may decide to rest atop your back. Combining animals, the great outdoors, and a tranquil hobby all in one? Now that takes de-stressing to a new level!


5. Crack out some sidewalk chalk.

You may not have thought about this idea since you were a kid! Creating art is always a relaxing outlet, though, so who’s to put an age limit on it?


6. Tend to your garden.

As long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, this is a great way to clear your mind and relax. Don’t yet have a garden? Buy some seeds and try it out!


7. Lounge by the water (or float atop a raft).

To be honest, summer just isn’t complete until you partake in this activity. It doesn’t matter whether you lay by a pool, lake, or ocean — it’s sure to be a blissful experience!

Money Saving Tricks

Do you have any additional ideas? Share them in the comments below.


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