7 Cringeworthy Moments Every Intern Faces

Life as an intern isn’t always smooth sailing. It’s your very first time diving into a professional work environment, and that means there’s bound to be some hiccups along the way. We happen to know that there’s no better way to get past these silly mistakes than simply laughing them off. So, if you’re currently working through your own summer gig, we’ll bet you’ll chuckle along to at least a few of these cringeworthy moments below that every intern faces.

1. Trying to figure out the office coffee machine for the first time.

Why must it be so complicated??


2. And how to operate a non-mobile telephone. 

Having to transfer a call is literally your worst nightmare.


3. Attempting to have a relatable conversation with your adult colleagues, but failing miserably.

“I’m exhausted. The baby kept me up all night.”

“Oh yea…that happens with my dog Fido sometimes.”


4. Sharing input with complete confidence, only to find out you’re wrong.

Later on, you’ll realize this is actually NBD.


5. When someone important gets your name wrong, and you don’t know whether or not to correct them.

Or you were too scared to correct them the first time, so you’re stuck answering to the wrong name for the rest of eternity.


6. Trying to look busy when someone important walks by, yet you don’t even have work to do.

You frantically open a random spreadsheet hoping to pull off “being busy.”


7. And having to use the restroom mid-meeting, but not knowing if it’s appropriate to get up. 

It probably wasn’t the best idea to chug your morning coffee right beforehand.

Do you have any more cringeworthy moments that you’ve experienced while interning? Share them in the comments below!


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