7 Relaxing Hobbies You Probably Haven’t Considered

When you start searching for a new relaxing hobby, chances are you’ll stumble across the same suggestions over and over — read more, embrace meditation, practice yoga, etc. We’re not knocking those suggestions (they’re totally great if you’re into them!), but it’s always nice having more options to choose from. That’s why we’re listing off some relaxing hobbies you probably haven’t considered.

1. Solving puzzles and riddles.

Are you a sucker for anything involving mind games, puzzles and cracking codes? A hobby like this is more than just sitting around and putting together jigsaw puzzles. We say, get creative! From completing the crossword and Sudoku sections of your local paper to diving into a fully-immersive video game like The Witness or Fez, there are no limits when it comes to this hobby. Oh, and for an added layer of excitement, how about putting your skills to the test at a nearby Escape Room?


2. Writing short stories.

A relaxing hobby we see suggested all the time (and often suggest ourselves!) is journaling. We can think of so many more ways a writing enthusiast can embrace their skill, though. For one, how about penning some short stories? You can choose to either keep these works of fiction for yourself or share them with other literary-lovers within an online community.


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3. Making beats.

Creating beats is a unique way to dive into a relaxing hobby like music, and — rest assured — you don’t need to be the next Metro Boomin to give it a shot. If you’d just like to tread lightly in this hobby, you can play around with some free audio tools online like Sampulator or Looplabs. Should you decide to take it more seriously (maybe you’ll be the next big thing on Soundcloud?), you can look into installing more professional audio software.


4. Researching an intriguing topic. 

Everybody has a few things that naturally interest them, so how about turning those topics into a full-fledged hobby? Let’s say you’ve always loved all things related to outer space. You might find yourself doing some Google searches to read up more on the topic, viewing a few intergalactic documentaries, and maybe even taking a trip to the National Air and Space Museum. Similarly, a makeup junkie might decide to finetune their hobby by looking up makeup tutorials, following influencers, and attending beauty conferences and events. Diving further into a topic that intrigues you can be a totally fun and relaxing way to spend your time.


5. Tracing your genealogy. 

Simply put, genealogy means tracing your family’s lineage from a distant ancestor. Many people spend time researching and developing their family tree because you can find out some pretty cool things in the process. Imagine finding out some of your distant ancestors were royals! You can start your research with helpful sites like Genealogy.com or Ancestry.com.


6. Building things. 

Summer is the perfect time for a “stretch” project that you can see through from start to finish. From building a piece of furniture from scratch to repurposing an older antique, the opportunities are endless. Plus, nothing beats the satisfying feeling of seeing your completed work!


7. Writing poetry. 

Sometimes the most relaxing feeling is taking your emotions and transcribing them into words. We can’t think of a better way to do this than penning some poetry. How about starting your own collection? Oh, and if you need some inspiration, check out our Q&As with poets r.h. Sin and Amanda Lovelace!

What other relaxing hobbies can you think of? Share them in the comments below!



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  1. Leslie R Singleton-Gumbs says:

    For me it’s making candles and soaps

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