How to Keep Your Health in Mind This Summer

Summer might take the cake as the official carefree season, but don’t be so quick to take that literally. While certain responsibilities are on hold until Labor Day, catering to your health is always important. So, go ahead and enjoy your “vacation-mode” mindset (you deserve it!), but remember to keep your health in mind while you’re at it. Here’s how we suggest doing just that.

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Jump in on the season’s trendy health foods.

From all-natural fruit pops to superfood-infused smoothie bowls, the summer season is filled with cravable foods that make it fun digging into something nutritious. But if you’d prefer to leave the trendy options to all the Instagram foodies out there, remember that things like fresh fruit and healthy green salads are also in season right now. How about finding some new ways to incorporate more fresh, nutritious produce into your diet?



Reap the benefits of being in nature.

You were probably eager to spend as much time outdoors as possible once winter ended. But now that we’re well into the warmer months? It’s maybe lost some excitement. We’re here to remind you should still take advantage of some time spent outdoors. According to Psychology Today, spending time is nature is a restorative activity — meaning, it’ll help boost your mood and decrease your stress. Is that enough motivation to spend your next lunch break under a shaded tree? We think so.


Don’t forget about your skin.

While heading outside might be the answer for your mental health, we can’t ignore some of the drawbacks — like exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. We know it’s easy to adopt that “it won’t happen to me” mindset, but some research on let us know just how frighteningly common skin cancer really is. Did you know that more people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the U.S. each year than all other cancers combined? Or, that one in five — yes, one in five — Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70? Yikes. Lather up with sunscreen whenever you plan on spending a day in the sun, and for the rest of those days, at least put on a light moisturizer with an SPF!


Start taking hydration seriously.

Scorching hot summer weather means that staying hydrated is especially crucial. Medical News Today reports that you can be dehydrated without even feeling thirsty, so make sure to continuously sip water throughout the day rather than waiting on your body’s signs! A friendly app like Waterlogged is an easy way to stay on top of your daily water intake. Now, let’s say you’re at the beach and you’re sweating through a few games of volleyball. In a situation where you’re staying active like this, make sure you’re replenishing your body’s salt and minerals, as well. A sports drink should do the trick here!


Keep your summer plans active.

We’ll be the first ones to say that there’s nothing wrong with a lazy day here and there. After all, summertime is the perfect time for relaxation! But don’t forget, it’s also the perfect time to head outdoors and take advantage of the activities you waited all winter for — like swimming, hiking, enjoying water sports, and much more. Making summer memories like these are great inspiration to get off the couch and moving, don’t you think?

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