Over-the-Top Dorm Rooms You’ll Wish You Lived in

Every year when move-in day approaches, we get so excited to see the unique ways everyone pulls together their dorm decor. It never fails — there are always cute dorm rooms that completely blow us away! From creative decorative accents to straight-up fabulous furniture additions, these dorm room designs are definitely jaw-droppers.

Check out some of our favorites below.

Plus, don’t forget to share your dorm with us! If you think your room would fit right in with these show-stoppers, tag us in an Instagram post or comment below. We’d love to see more dorm inspo!

1. This lively decor that pulls in pretty pastels and glamorous golds.

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 1

(Source: @makeupbysheila)


2. This pleasant bed setting adorned with the perfect amount of throw pillows and dreamy lights around the headboard.

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 2

(Source: @alwayssonpointe@chasingquinndesign)


3. This clean and lavish look that makes for the perfect after-class luxury retreat. 

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 3

(Source: @maysproper)


4. This boho humble abode that makes excellent use of the open space beneath a lofted bed. 

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 4

(Source: @figandoakhome)


5. This glamorous and bold setting proves that cute dorm rooms balance college life and luxury. 

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 5

(Source: @kealeypoole)


6. This cozy and quaint area that uses organic accents to pull in serious rainforest vibes. 

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 6

(Source: @ooliviajane)


7. This ultra glitzy room that fabulously embraces the duo’s school spirit. 

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 7

(Source: @the_real_lin_shady)


8. This comfortably chic room that is equal parts simple and elegant.

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 8

(Source: @danamcvicker)


9. This rustic charm of a room you’d never believe is in a dorm building (look at that wall!).

Cute Dorm Rooms - Room 9

(Source: @madisyn_blayne)

Is your dorm room just as fabulous as these are? Have you seen other cute dorm rooms that you can’t stop thinking about? Tell us about it in the comments below, and tag us in your pictures on Instagram — @bncollege. We can’t wait to see your creativity at work!


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  1. Kelli says:

    I love all these colorful, thoughtful dorm ideas posted. They look like luxurious hotel rooms more than a dorm room.

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