Everything You Need to Survive the Communal Bathroom

We all know that moving into a college dorm means sharing your room with a brand new roommate. Pretty cool, right? But we can’t forget about that other space you’ll have to start sharing…one that maybe isn’t so exciting. That’s right — we’re talking about the communal bathroom. Take a look at what you’ll need to survive this space.

A robe.

A robe is much more comfortable than making the run from your room to the showers in just a towel. Imagine trying to hold up a towel while you’re also hauling your shower caddy down the hall. Or, even worse, imagine the fire alarm goes off! Trust us…A robe is a must.


Cheap flip-flops.

While the bathrooms are cleaned regularly, we still doubt you’ll want to walk across those floors and showers barefoot. A simple, cheap pair of plastic flip-flops will do the trick — nothing fancy!


Spare towels.

College gets busy. Before you know it, your hamper is overflowing and it’s been weeks since you’ve done your laundry. Make sure you have quite a few towels so you don’t end up tearing apart your hamper for that damp one you already used five times. Plus, don’t forget some hand towels and washcloths!



A large shower caddy.

The more space here, the better. Keep in mind, you’ll have to fit all of your shower products — including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor, loofah, and anything else you may need. They take up more space than you think! Oh, and we don’t recommend trying to haul all of this over with just your arms. That’s just asking for a mess!


A pack of disinfecting wipes.

Like we said before, these spaces are cleaned regularly. But with so many students using the same space, you never know when you’ll come across something, well…gross. Keep a pack of disinfecting wipes in your shower caddy in case you need to quickly wipe something down.


The cleaning schedule.

Okay, so this isn’t a must, but it’s pretty darn convenient. After a few weeks in your dorm building, you’ll probably get a good feel for the bathroom cleaning schedule. This is golden information! You’ll be able to snag the showers while they’re still pristine.


Respect for the space and others.

This one is a must. Remember that you’re sharing the space with others, so take note of how long your showers are, avoid using hair dryers at odd hours, and definitely clean up any hair and spills you leave behind!

Can you think of anything we didn’t list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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