Keeping Your Dorm Room Cool (Without AC)

If your dorm room doesn’t have an AC unit, the muggy heat can get a bit distracting when you’re trying to study or get in a good night’s sleep before class. Have you been struggling to cope with the sweltering heat? Check out some of these simple solutions below.


Use a cooling gel pillow.

Did you know that there are pillows out there specifically designed to stay cool through the night? Consider trying one out if you have trouble sleeping at warmer temperatures. Pillows like this can be found at almost any store that carries home goods.


Utilize fans.

It’s fairly obvious that a fan would be the first alternative to an AC unit, but how you use the fan makes all the difference! Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • For the best circulation, place a box fan in front of an open window to blow fresh air in, and another one facing toward an open window so that it blows the warm stuffy air out.
  • Clip fans are perfect for sleeping, as you can clip them onto your bed and face them directly onto you.
  • An oscillating fan is great for covering the whole area of the dorm.
  • For an extra chilly breeze, place an ice pack or frozen water bottle in front of the fan.
  • Avoid placing the fan by any heat sources, as this will just blow hot air around the room.



Choose natural fiber sheets.

Fabrics with natural fibers – like cotton or linen – are great breathable materials and will help you stay cool while you sleep. Remember this while you go dorm shopping!


Rearrange your furniture.

If possible, move your bed by the window so the cool nighttime air will hit you as you sleep. It’s also important to keep any tall and bulky furniture away from the windows so that you’re not blocking essential air flow!


Crack open your windows.

Sure it might be hot outside, too, but letting some fresh air in will help the room feel less stuffy and will let that occasional breeze in. If anything, keep your window open at night when the temperature starts dropping. It’ll feel great while you sleep!


Keep your door open.

Even though your door will likely just lead to a hallway, propping it open will help the air circulate and provide a gentle breeze with each passerby.


Block out heat with shades or curtains.

That sunlight beaming directly into your dorm room? Yeah, that’s going to get hot! Block out that daytime sunshine with shades or some curtains. Room darkening or insulated curtains will work best to block out heat from the daytime sun.


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