The 5 Commandments of Organizing a Small Space

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Having the freedom to move into your own place is one of the many perks of college life. Whether you’re dorming or snagging an off-campus pad, living solo or going in with roommates, there’s no doubt that this is an exciting move. We’re sure you’re more than eager to have a blank canvas to furnish as you please, but let’s not forget one important thing — a smaller space requires a few adjustments. Keep reading as we list off the five commandments of organizing a small space.

Money Saving Tricks

1. Save more room with multi-functional furniture.

Multi-functional furniture encompasses the true meaning of “less is more.” Finding furniture that serves more than one purpose is a great way to minimize the number of items you’re bringing into your room. Instead of a bulky beanbag chair, how about a storage ottoman that provides extra seating and storage space? And, rather than squeezing large storage containers into your closet, how about keeping your items out of sight using decorative baskets and bins that complement your room’s interior design?



2. Make use of the space beneath your bed. 

A smaller room means getting creative with the space you do have. That’s why under-the-bed storage is a must. If your bed’s height isn’t already adjustable, bed risers can help create more space beneath your bed so that you can slide a few storage bins under there perfectly. This is a great spot for any items you don’t need access to daily, like out-of-season clothing, blankets, and extra toiletries and supplies. Out of sight, out of mind.


3. Use desk organizers to minimize unsightly clutter. 

When it comes to more compact living quarters, even the smallest amount of clutter can make the entire space feel untidy. Desks are usually the first place these messes begin piling up. Rather than letting all of your school papers and supplies lay scattered across the surface, give these items a home using paper filers, pencil holders, and organizer trays. A tactic like this will instantly transform your workspace from unkempt to visually pleasing.


4. Maximize your closet’s functionality with hanging closet organizers. 

Working with a tight space means you likely don’t have a full walk-in closet to suit your storage needs. However, there are still practical solutions to make a smaller closet work. Hanging organizers are a great way to use vertical space, taking up very little room in your already-cramped closet. This also adds an entirely new element to your space where you can store extra belongings — like shoes, accessories, and much more.


5. Declutter and purge regularly.

The right organizational tools can only do so much — It’s up to you to ensure you’re purging unused clutter from time to time. For example, after a semester (or even a few weeks) of classes, you’ll likely have old papers, assignments, and study guides you can toss in the recycling bin. Pay attention to the items you packed for college as well. You might have assumed you’d find an occasion for that two-year-old shirt with the price tag still on it, but you’d save some serious space by sending these types of items packing!


Are you ready to pull together your new space? Tell us your own organization hacks in the comments below, then check out more college storage and organization solutions here.


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  1. Rosemarie Hart says:

    Every month get rid of mail when something new comes in. Get bank statements posted on your account to read. Put art supplies in separate corner of room music instrument on wall. B

  2. Kayla Barron says:

    It’s better to buy storage bens because they really do come in handy to make room I’m your dorm room. Just think about the fact that many of us who do bring a lot of stuff even when it is stuff that is not important we still bring anyway because it has personal value to us, investing in storage bens would be a great help because it definitely helps you stay organized and they are also good for seasonal changes when you ready to switch up you wardrobe and take the old clothes home.

  3. Kara says:

    Put up motivational quotes where you can seem them everyday (ex. Desk, mirror, etc.).

  4. Patrick wade says:

    What I do is use command hooks as a way to hang and oeganize my cords on the wall so that none of them get tangled 🙂

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