The 5 Types of Places You Should Scope Out on Campus

New on campus? You may not know the area like the back of your hand just yet, but soon you’ll get a feel for all of the campus hot spots. Here are the ones we suggest scoping out first.

1. A good study spot.

You’ve got your desk in your dorm room, but that’s not always going to be the most convenient study area. We suggest finding an alternative spot on campus for when you’re in between classes or just need a change of scenery. The library is always a great choice, but it can also be as simple as popping a squat under a big tree on campus.


2. The perfect cafe for your morning coffee run.

If you’re anything like us, early mornings aren’t pretty until you’ve gotten your caffeine fix. Your campus probably has an ample amount of places to grab your morning Joe, but scope out the one that makes your latte extra special and frothy — just the way you like it!



3. Somewhere you can grab a late-night snack.

We take snacking very seriously, don’t you? The dining hall is only open so late, and sometimes you catch some cravings during a late night study session or while pulling an all-nighter with your friends. It’s definitely worth looking out for a nearby convenience store or diner that’s open late.


4. A place where you can hang out between classes.

Whether your dorm room is out of the way or you’re a commuter, we’re all familiar with that awkward period of time between classes when all of your friends are busy and you have nothing to do. We suggest finding a nice spot to chill, read a book, or even catch up on studying. Maybe it’s a corner in the library, or maybe it’s on a picnic bench by the student center — it’s up to you!


5. That spot where all the events take place.

Events happen all the time around campus, but they likely take place in some spots more than others — like the student center or the campus green. Figure out where this event hot spot is on your campus. This will be a great place to swing by whenever you’re in the area or just looking for something to do with your friends.

Think we missed something good? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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