The Ultimate List of Dorm Room Hacks

Making the move from your home to a dorm room is a big adjustment. Your kitchen is suddenly just a mini fridge and microwave, and your bedroom and living room are now essentially the same thing. However, dorm living can be simple – just check out these easy dorm room hacks!


1. Lift your bed for more storage space (if your campus allows it).

Dorm room beds conveniently have the ability to be lifted higher than your typical bed. The reason? There’s much more room for storage beneath it so that you’re not overcrowding the rest of the room. A few storage bins will slide perfectly under here.





2. Use binder clips to keep chargers organized and within reach.

Pretty nifty, huh? Chargers have a unique way of somehow tying themselves in knots when we’re not looking – but not when they’re clipped to your desk like this!




3. You can also use them to keep bottles in place in your mini fridge!

Ahh, the notorious mini fridge. They’re small enough to begin with, so it’s annoying when our water bottles don’t stay nestled in the corner where we want them to.




4. Place clothing vertically in drawers for more space.

It’s also much easier to see what you have in your drawers this way. No more making a mess while searching for the shirt you need!




5. Place dryer sheets on your fan or A/C unit for an instant air freshener.

No need to buy a fancy air freshener – this is much cheaper! Plus, air freshening methods like candles and wax melts are a big ‘NO’ in dorm rooms.




6. Or, place a car vent clip on your fans or vents to fill your room with fragrance. 

This is another easy and discreet way to have your dorm smelling fresh without breaking dorm room policy.




7. Label cords with bread tabs.

Instead of tossing them after you’ve gone through a whole loaf, keep a handful so that you can easily label the cords plugged into a power strip. It’s a pain when you accidentally unplug the wrong thing, isn’t it?!


cord labels



8. Tape a laundry cheat sheet onto your hamper.

You’ll be taking your hamper with you to the laundry room anyway, so it’s best to have a quick guide easily available!




9. Create cascading hangers using soda tabs for more closet space.

It may be a smaller closet than you’re used to, but you can definitely fit all of your clothing with this easy trick.



10. Cool off a hot and stuffy dorm room with frozen water bottles in front of your fan.

A hot room +  a fan = hot air blowing everywhere. Chill the air a bit with a frozen water bottle!





11. Wrap your water bottles in damp paper towels to chill them faster in the freezer.

Mini fridges aren’t exactly the best at freezing things, but you can speed up the process with this easy hack.




12. Prevent desk clutter by storing supplies in a hanging shower caddy.

Your desk supplies will be easily within reach, but totally out of the way! Now you’ll actually have room on your desk to study.


shower caddy



13. Command Hooks will keep a grocery bag neatly in place on your mini trash bin.

Grocery bags are the perfect size for those mini dorm room trash bins, but they tend to fall out of place. Command Hooks will do the trick!




14. Keep a binder of takeout menus so you can find what you want to eat in one place.

You could Google 10 different menus, or you can easily access all of them in one place. You can choose, but we think you should opt for the latter.





15. Use a pool noodle to fill the gap between your bed and the wall.

The last thing you want to do is crawl under your dark bed trying to find that phone or TV remote you dropped.



(Life in Random Bits)


16. Keep a list of microwave meal recipes next to the microwave for easy decision making.

You’re more likely to choose a more satisfying and healthy meal than your usual Ramen if you have recipes easily available. No need to spend time browsing Pinterest before every meal!




17. Fit two bowls in the microwave by raising one on an upside-down mug.

Dinner for two, anyone? You and your roomie can both feast at the same time instead of taking turns at the microwave.





18. Distinguish different phone chargers using Washi Tape.

Basically everyone has the same iPhone charger. Between you, your roommate, and all of your visiting friends, it might get confusing as to whose charger is whose.


Phone Charger Washi Tape



19. Use a picture frame as an easy dry erase to-do list.

Cute? Check. Convenient? Check. Easy to use? Check. We suggest keeping the frame right at your desk so you’ll be reminded of your responsibilities whenever you sit down.




Did we miss anything? Tweet us with your #DormRoomHacks so we can share your ideas. Make sure to tag us – @bncollege!






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  1. Brendon Ridge says:

    This is awesome!

  2. K Meredith says:

    These are fantastic ideas!! I am a commuter but I could certainly use some of these ideas in my home study space. Thanks for the suggestions

  3. Georgi says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen the shower organizer hack, I’m glad someone has published it! I like to use it for hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and to put my hot tools somewhere they won’t melt everything. 🙂

  4. Una Nelson-White says:

    Love these suggestions. I don’t live in a dorm, but I do live in a studio apartment and these tips are great for me, with my limited space. I love the command hook idea. Where can I get some?

  5. Mary says:

    Awesome ideas not only for college dorms, but for home also.

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