5 Things All Well-Decorated College Rooms Have in Them

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There’s a lot to get excited about in college, but one of the very first things you can look forward to is decorating your room in college. If you still have yet to capture that home-away-from-home feeling in your own space, chances are a little bit of décor can do the trick! Keep reading to see our list of things that all well-decorated college rooms have in them.

Money Saving Tricks

1. Practical organization solutions.

Having all the right decor is just the start. To pull off that well-decorated vibe in your space, you need to tackle any distracting and unsightly clutter. After all, you worked hard to pull together your favorite decorative elements, so let them do the talking!

The best way to keep any eyesores out of sight (especially in a small space!) is by bringing in a few organizational solutions. Make use of the vertical space in your closet with hanging organizers, take advantage of a lifted bed with under-the-bed storage, and keep your workspace tidy with desk tools and accessories.


2. Throw pillows.

Sometimes the littlest embellishments make the biggest difference. Decorative throw pillows are a simple way to transform your bed into something straight off of a Pinterest board. The best part? There’s no limit to your creativity here. You can add just one or two to create some depth to your bed, or layer a few different shapes, patterns and sizes to really make a statement within your room.



3. Wall décor.

The bare white walls in your space are the perfect blank canvas to really show off your personality.  Many college students are fans of hanging tapestries. After all, it’s a great way to fill a large area with color using only one piece. Cost friendly? Absolutely. If a tapestry isn’t your style, though, you can instead opt for a few pieces of artwork, photographs or decals, or incorporate them all by creating a gallery wall.



4. Decorative lighting.

The overhead lighting in your room is great while you’re studying, but sometimes it’s too harsh for when you’re just kicking back and relaxing. Simple lighting pieces, like a desk lamp or novelty lighting pieces, create a warm and cozy ambiance in your space that really makes it feel like home. You can even stick to the classic option of hanging a set of string lights above your bed — that never gets old.


5. A mirror.

Of course, there are some pretty practical reasons why you should have a mirror in your space — like quickly checking your appearance before heading out the door for class. Mirrors are excellent decorative pieces as well, though. For one, they reflect light, which brightens your space and really helps highlight the rest of your decor. They’re also great pieces to fill any blank spaces on your walls. If you’re lacking on wall art, a mirror can help you out in that department.

What are your favorite bedroom décor pieces? Talk to us in the comments below!


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