5 Tips for Stepping Up Your Productivity on Campus

Staying productive isn’t always an easy feat. With so much to do on campus, there’s a world of distractions out there! Not to mention, many of us get plagued by procrastination more often than we’d like to admit. With that in mind, we rounded up a few tips for stepping up your productivity on campus.

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1. Keep your due dates organized. 

It’s no surprise that people who keep to-do lists and planners are the most productive people. Keeping your due dates organized not only means that you’re always on top of them, but also that you’re more easily able to prioritize responsibilities. For example, if you don’t typically keep a planner, you might totally forget about an upcoming exam until your professor refreshes your memory in class a few days beforehand. Now all of a sudden you have to squeeze in time to study among all your other responsibilities. And let’s be honest, at this point you’re probably not going to get in the quality study session you need — agreed?

Speaking of due dates, another tactic that often works is creating “false” deadlines. We once asked our readers for their best procrastination tips, and an overwhelming amount of you guys said you swear by this method! This means penciling in deadlines a few days before the actual deadline. This not only tricks you into getting things done sooner, but also gives you some extra leeway in case you need it.



2. Enlist the help of apps and digital tools. 

It’s so convenient that there are apps out there for almost anything these days. They’re like your own little digital sidekicks that help keep you on track! Think about what areas you need help with in order to become more productive. If you have trouble staying focused, productivity tools like SelfControl and Freedom can temporarily block any distracting sites or apps on your devices. If you’re often plagued by procrastination, there are motivation-focused apps out there to push you in the right direction. And, if you just need help staying on top of your priorities, you can always download a to-do list app.


3. Stay aware of your environment.

Do you ever tell yourself you’re going to work on a project right after you head back home from class, only to end up doing anything but that? That’s because your dorm room is filled with distractions that, quite honestly, are much more enticing than your school work. You’re better off heading to a spot on campus with minimal distractions, such as a computer lab or the library. Even better yet, head there straight from class! If you stop back at your dorm first, you can bet you’ll start finding excuses. If you’re not on campus on a particular day but still want to tackle schoolwork, at least make sure to set up a workspace that feeds your productivity.


4. Get enough sleep.

It’s no surprise that you’re not as productive when you’re sleep deprived. We know that college life is fast-paced and there’s a lot going on, but consider making sleep more of a priority when you need to stay especially productive. For example, if you have a day where you plan on studying for an upcoming exam, make it a point to get to bed earlier the night before this major study session.


5. Reflect on your most productive time of day. 

Not everybody is their most productive at that same point in the day, so it’s up to you to take note of this yourself. Do you find that you’re most alert and focused when you get right to work in the morning? Or, maybe you like the peace and quietness of a late night study session. This is something that’s worth observing! If you’re one of those early birds, it probably wouldn’t make sense to tackle a term paper after dinner when you’re ready to wind down and just relax. Make sense?

Do you have your own tips that we didn’t list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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