Curing Homesickness with Remedies That Work

For most of us, college is the first time we’re actually living away from home. While that does come with a ton of freedom and excitement, it’s also a big change, and big changes take time to get used to. If you find that you’ve been feeling homesick after your move, check out some of our favorite remedies below.


Bring the comfort of home with you.

We’re firm believers that home is just as much a feeling as it is a physical place. That means your college campus can definitely capture that home-away-from-home sentiment. What comes to mind when you think about the place you grew up? Is it the smell of your favorite comfort food that mom whips up on a chilly day? Is it wrapping up in a warm blanket as you watch The Bachelor with your family every Monday? Incorporating some of these feelings and pastimes into your life at school is an easy way to feel that same sense of comfort. And while you may not be able to watch The Bachelor with your family, you can always call them afterward and dish on your favorite parts!



Keep busy with your friends.

When you start feeling homesick, occupy your time with other people that care about you — your friends! Not only is this the perfect distraction from feeling homesick, but your friends are also the perfect people to make you feel at home again. After all, they’re practically your second family.


Get involved and find your place.

Getting involved in clubs and activities definitely gives you a sense of belonging on campus. As we mentioned previously, home is a feeling. When you feel like you’ve found your place on campus, you’re less likely to crave your hometown for that sense of comfort. Look up what kinds of clubs and organizations your school offers, keep an eye out for events your school is hosting, or head to the rec center and try out a fitness class. On top of giving you that sense of belonging, these things will also keep you busy. (Which is a great distraction for homesickness!)


Schedule some FaceTime dates.

Phone calls and texts with mom and dad are great, but sometimes we need a little bit more. Schedule a time every week or so that you’ll be able to video chat home. It’s the best alternative to catching up in person, and, get this — your family pet can join, as well! Having routine FaceTime calls work as a little mental reminder that your family and home are always within reach.


Do you have anymore tips for homesickness? Share your tips below in the comments.




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