7 Unusual Ways You Can Beat Stress

People always tend to share the same stress relief tips time and time again — unplug, get more sleep, identify the source, etc. Please, tell us something we don’t know! Well, we’re doing just that. Take a look at some of our favorite not-so-typical ways you can beat stress.

Side Hustles

1. Take up gardening. (Even in your dorm room!)

According to a study, gardening is an even stronger stress-busting hobby than reading! We totally get that you might be living in a dorm or apartment, and digging up a garden isn’t exactly practical in those environments. However, there are quite a few smaller plants (like herbs!) you can grow right in your windowsill. Growing plants indoors also means you can tend to them year-round.



2. Use your sense of smell.

Your sense of smell is powerful! Scents like lavender, peppermint, and even lemon are often said to be instant stress busters. Diffusing essential oils is a popular way to reap the benefits of these scents, but you can get more creative here. How about finding a lavender or peppermint bath bomb and soaking in a blissful, aromatherapeutic bath?


3. Play a mindless game. 

Let’s start off first by saying you don’t want to opt for a game that will just leave you screaming at your phone or console. Instead, stick to something simple and mindless. Tetris is always a good option!


4. Massage your earlobes.

Okay, this sounds weird. It may even look kind of weird, too. But who cares? It’s commonly believed that the ear contains pressure points that promote relaxation when massaged. If you ask us, it doesn’t hurt trying it out for yourself!


5. Hang out with your pet. 

Simply hanging out with your furry companion is said to increase dopamine and serotonin levels, which make you calm and happy. Cute, right? If you’re living away from your family pet while you’re at school, how about seeing if a local shelter needs volunteers to play with their pets?



6. Laugh at failure.

Hear us out with this one. Laughing not only helps soothe your mental stress levels, but it also helps relieve your muscles of any stress-related tension. Now, for the failure part. We don’t actually mean you should chuckle in someone’s face after they get fired from their job (or some other misfortune). What we mean is that some of the best belly laughs happen after things go so wrong, it ends up becoming more entertaining than unfortunate.

May we suggest starting out with some classic FailArmy videos on YouTube? It’s a simple reminder that things don’t always go right, but there’s always a reason for a lighthearted laugh.


7. Say ‘yes’ to citrus. 

According to Psychology Today, Vitamin C is great at combating those nasty stress hormones, and citrus is a great source of Vitamin C. Grab a cup of OJ for breakfast the next time you’re feeling stressed, or simply squeeze some fresh lemon into your water bottle.


What’s your go-to way to de-stress? Share your ideas in the comments below!





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