10 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Recreate

It’s officially spooky season, and if you have yet to pull together the look you’ll be rocking at all of this year’s Halloween festivities, have no fear. We scoured Instagram for some fun, creative, and totally do-able DIY Halloween costume ideas. Think you can recreate them? Take a look at our roundup below!

Money Saving Tricks

1. She’s a brick…HOUSE!

It doesn’t matter how old you are — everyone knows that song by The Commodores! This is a great costume idea if you’re especially crafty, as it’ll involve quite a bit of crafting and painting.


Source: @auburnartisan | Instructions: auburnartisan.wordpress.com


2. The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

The best thing about this costume? If you show up late to the Halloween shindig, at least you’re right in character.


Source: @bunnybaubles | Instructions: bunnybaubles.com


3. Ms. Frizzle

How about this blast from the past? You can’t go wrong dressing as everybody’s favorite teacher.


Source: @gingerandivory | Instructions: gingerandivory.com


4. Mean Girls (Couples Idea!)

We absolutely love a costume idea that’s so simple, yet it resonates with everybody. By the way, Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, and on Wednesday’s, we wear pink!


Source: @golocyna


5. Frida Kahlo

It’s hard to believe that a costume this stunning can be recreated as a simple DIY. Think you can pull it off?


Source: @krystledesantos | Instructions: krystledesantos.com


6. Soap & Loofah (Couples Idea!)

A T-shirt, some fabric paint, and a bundle of tutus are all you need to recreate this clever couples costume. You can even take it a step further and create the soap costume out of a painted cardboard box!


Source: @sepulv13


7. Post Malone

Umm…those face tattoos are EVERYTHING! Some face paint is about all you need to make this costume recognizable. (And maybe some fake facial hair if you’re not growing that on your own, of course.)


Source: @susie_margarite


8. Scarecrow

This costume is perfect for the season, and it’s fairly simple to pull together if you’ve got a flannel, straw hat, some hay, and costume makeup.


Source: @theneuroticnester


9. Grocery Bag

We think it’s pretty safe to say you’d be the only grocery bag at the Halloween party. Talk about original!


Source: @warningitsdia


10. #Filter vs. #NoFilter (Couples Idea!)

This costume is so 2018. It’s the perfect couples costume if you plan on pairing up this year!


Source: @wokeuplikedez

Side Hustles

Do you have your own simple DIY Halloween costume idea? Talk to us in the comments below!


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