7 Ways to Work on Your Leadership Skills

Forget what you’ve heard about those so-called “natural born leaders.” If you ask us, anyone can form great leadership skills. But with any skill, perfecting it takes time and practice. Here are just a few ways you can strengthen your own ability to become a strong, confident leader at your internship, on the job, or even within your college organizations.

Money Saving Tricks

1. Seek a mentor for advice.

Whether it’s a boss or colleague, think about who you can reach out to for advice and tips on leadership. These people can share guidance based on their own experiences, as well as pinpoint specific areas that they know that you can strengthen.


2. Or, become a mentor for somebody else.

Mentoring somebody else basically forces you to enact your own leadership skills. Practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?



3. Subscribe to career-focused blogs and podcasts.

Helpful career insights are totally available within fun, digestible content. We’re talking conversational podcasts that totally feel like you’re just chatting with a friend, and gif-laced articles and listicles that make leadership development fun. Check out some of our favorite career podcasts here. As for blogs, make your way on over to our career section, or check out other favorites like The Muse or Career Contessa.


4. Or, look into books or audiobooks on the matter.

Self-help books focused on leadership and career development aren’t too hard to come by! We’ve listed some of our faves here.


5. Dive into infographics and how-tos for specific leadership strategies.

Whether you need tips on how to run a meeting, be an effective manager, or something else leadership-related, you can bet you’ll find an infographic or how-to on the matter. Search through Google or Pinterest!


6. Start a campus organization, or run for a leadership role within an existing one. 

Experience is the best teacher! Building an organization from the ground up requires strong leadership, so you’ll learn a lot (and fast!) while you work on making this club flourish.

If you’re not totally sold on forming your own campus organization, no worries! Existing clubs on your campus likely have leadership roles that are filled each year, so how about trying that out instead?


7. Look up conferences and professional skill-building events.

Leadership events and conferences are a great way to learn the tools and skills you need, and you don’t always need an established career to attend! Student conferences are widely available. Here’s how you can begin searching:

  • Subscribe to industry newsletters.
  • Check if your campus organizations host national leadership conferences.
  • Follow established career blogs.
  • Do a Google search!


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