8 Positive Things to Practice on Social Media

If you’re a living, breathing college student with a smartphone, there’s a pretty good chance you spend a chunk of your day on social media. Honestly, sometimes scrolling through your Instagram feed feels about as normal as eating and sleeping! So since we spend so much time there, we figured we’d share some positive things you can start practicing on social media.

1. First and foremost, unfollow negative accounts!

It’s worth pointing out that just because an account doesn’t appear negative, it doesn’t mean it won’t feel negative.

You know those people that seem like they have a professional photographer following them around capturing the perfect candid moments on yet another epic getaway in Bali? If you ever look at those pages and think, “Maybe I’m doing something wrong,” then that’s negative!



2. Follow inspiring accounts and other like-minded people.

Whether it’s a celebrity you look up to or just friends and influencers that share the same values that you do, it’s a serious breath of fresh air seeing only welcoming and uplifting content on your feed. Make an effort to follow more of these accounts!


3. And follow accounts in your industry. 

This is especially helpful on LinkedIn! Following thought leaders and credible professionals in your industry can be motivational for your college and career journey.


4. Share positive content.

If you’ve ever stumbled across something on your feed, like a positive story or quote, and thought to yourself, “Wow, I really needed to see that right now,” then don’t you think others might feel the same? We often get so caught up in the idea that social media makes people think negatively, that we forget there are a ton of posts out there that trigger smiles as well.



5. Sift through old posts that no longer reflect the real you.

You’re not the same person you were in middle school, high school, or even a year ago for that matter. Clean up and delete any old posts that may reflect you poorly.

Facebook Memories and Timehop are perfect tools to help make this a regular habit. They’ll take you back to your social media posts from this day a year ago, two years ago, and so on. If you don’t want to crack down on every single post you’ve ever created all at once (that might take forever), then take it day-by-day with the help of these tools.


6. Rewrite your summaries and bios.

When was the last time you wrote your LinkedIn summary? If it’s been a while, chances are it no longer reflects you. Go ahead and update this, along with any other bios across your other social media accounts.


7. Unplug regularly. 

If you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the iOS 12, then you probably noticed weekly screen time reports appearing on your phone. Ugh, it’s like your own phone is cracking down on you! But jokes aside, these kinds of insights are pretty helpful. Limiting your time on social media, even if just by an extra hour per week, is a positive habit to practice.



8. Upload a professional photo. 

A professional photo is a must on LinkedIn, but it’ll look great on your other accounts, too. Hiring managers will look you up on social media, so make it a habit to upload more clean, positive photos across all of your channels.

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