9 Mindless Games to Play for Stress Relief

After a long day of classes, projects and exams, do you ever find that it’s hard to unwind from all that mental clutter you’ve just accumulated? Sometimes you just need a relaxing, simple task to focus on in order to move on from your busy day. With that said, check out some of the mindless games we rounded up below that’ll help you find some much-needed stress relief.

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1. Colorfy

Have you ever heard of art therapy? It’s such a big thing because the act of participating in a creative process is shown to have therapeutic qualities. That’s why adult coloring books have emerged! The good news is, you don’t have to go out and purchase a physical coloring book to reap the benefits. A free app like Colorfy brings this type of stress relief right to your phone.

App Store | Google Play


2. Silk

Speaking of art therapy, Silk is another creative game where you can simply unwind as you create digital art by dragging your cursor across a black background using different colors and symmetries.

Browser (free) | App ($2.99)


3. Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle might sound old-fashioned, but you can’t argue the fact that it’s pretty calming and mindless. Unsurprisingly, you can enjoy the stress-busting benefits of jigsaw puzzles from the convenience of your phone.

App Store | Google Play


4. Flow

Here’s another browser game that’s oddly soothing. Simply use your cursor to guide your creature towards its food in order to evolve. Seriously, that’s it! It’s simple, but that’s what you needed right now — isn’t it?



5. Word Search Pro 

While you might feel a little bit old school cracking out your local newspaper for their weekly word search puzzle, you’ll find this digital version to feel a lot more modern. If you ask us, word searches are always a fun way to quiet the mind.

App Store | Google Play


6. Quick Draw

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? That’s the question that this A.I. experiment poses, and by playing this game, you’re helping with machine learning research! The website will give you an object to draw. Your job is to draw that object with your cursor and see if the website can guess what you’re drawing in less than 20 seconds.



7. Happy Glass

In this app, you’ll find a sad glass wishing that he was full. Your job is to simply draw lines in order to guide the water into the cup. Pretty simple, huh? It’s addicting and relaxing at the same time.

App Store | Google Play


8. Typeshift

This word game is slightly different than your typical crossword or word search puzzle. You’ll see a few columns of letters, and your job is to slide the columns up and down in order to form a word in the center row. There’s no time limit, so it’s a great way to de-stress!

Browser | App Store | Google Play


9. Choices

If you’re the type that usually grabs a book to unwind, this immersive game might be right up your alley. Choose your favorite type of story, customize your main character, and then watch as the chapters unfold with each choice that you make.

App Store | Google Play

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Do you know of any relaxing games that we didn’t list? Share them in the comments below!



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