8 Ways to Pull Through When You Haven’t Gotten Enough Sleep

Staying up until the crack of dawn seemed like a good idea at the time, right? But now that it’s a new day and you’ve got plenty of responsibilities, you’re probably wondering just how you’ll pull through. No worries…We got you! Check out our tips below.

1. Grab your caffeine fix.

If you’re anything like us, your mind instantly goes straight to “coffee” whenever you need a pick-me-up. We suggest keeping your order simple, though. When you opt for those fancier, sugar-filled lattes, you’re just setting yourself up for a bigger crash later in the day!



2. Snack right.

Food gives you energy, so fuel up! Just be careful about your choices — Snacks like nuts, fruit and seeds give you natural energy, while salty snacks will just weigh you down. Whole grains are a great choice, too! They digest slowly and release energy at a steady rate, so you’ll stay energized longer.


3. Don’t skip meals.

You can’t get by on just snacks all day — Your body needs a real meal! Hunger combined with sleepiness just isn’t pretty. Look for healthy meals that are high in B vitamins, protein, and/or complex carbs. They’ll give you the boost you need without sending you into one of those dreaded food comas.


4. Take a power nap.

You most likely don’t have time to completely catch up on sleep right now (Or else, why would you be reading this?), but you should at least get in a quick nap if you can! Even just powering down for 20 minutes can help you start kicking away those nasty effects of sleep deprivation.


5. Hydrate.

Put down that cup of coffee for a minute — You also need plenty of water! Even a little bit of dehydration can leave you groggy and sluggish, which totally isn’t fun on top of a lack of sleep!



6. Get some fresh air.

Did you know that spending time outdoors can give you an energy boost? You’ll get fresh oxygen, some revitalizing brisk air, and sunlight to keep your mind alert. How about walking to your next class?


7. Take a cold shower.

Sounds brutal, right? But hey, it does the trick! The slight shock you feel when the cold water hits you will get your blood pumping and increase your oxygen intake, which in turn makes you feel more alert.


8. Keep moving.

You know what they say…An object at rest stays at rest. You’re sure to doze off if you’re immobile all day! But really, science actually shows that light to moderate exercise can give you more energy. Once again, why not walk to your next class?

Have you tried any of these tactics? What works best for you? Share your insights in the comments below.


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  1. Hussein Kazimian says:

    I am unsure about the side effects, but if you want to stay awake and alert, consuming Red Bull is also an option, it revitalizes your body and mind. I usually try to keep a pack of it in my refrigerator, it helps to keep you awake

  2. Cameron says:

    ALWAYS drink water. i myself don’t drink very much water, but when i don’t drink for awhile i can feel myself being more tired and irritable.

  3. Kailey says:

    You guys have to check out pureLYFT. It’s all-natural and you can add into any beverage for energy!

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