The Prioritization Strategy You Need to Try

Do you ever find that your to-do list just isn’t enough? Sure, it keeps your responsibilities at the top of mind, but how do you know which tasks you should start tackling first when there are so many?



That’s why we’re introducing you to a prioritization strategy called the Action Priority Matrix. Trust us…it’s not as much of a snore as it sounds! It’s actually pretty effortless, yet so helpful.

Here’s the breakdown.

Getting set up.

Split your page into four sections as seen below, with the left side measuring impact, and the bottom measuring effort. Essentially, you’ll want to break things out by tasks that are high impact/low effort, high impact/high effort, low impact/low effort, and low impact/high effort.

*Once you get a hang of what each section means, feel free to forgo the fancy chart and simply jot these tasks down at each corner of a page. After all, this should be as easy and effortless as possible so that you can focus on the actual tasks on your to-do list!



Quick Wins

This is the “high impact, low effort” section. Basically, it’s an important task that’s also quick and easy to accomplish. These are great tasks to tackle regularly, as they give you that sense of accomplishment with little effort. Try striking these guys off of your to-do list as they appear.


Major Projects

This is the “high impact, high effort” section. These tasks are really important, but they’re stretch projects that will take you more time and effort to complete. Keep these guys at the top of your mind daily, and make sure the tasks in the other sections don’t get in the way of completing these.


Fill Ins

This is the “low impact, low effort” section. You might realize you can remove these from your to-do list entirely, as they really don’t have much importance. If you can’t ignore these tasks completely, try tackling them after you’ve crossed off all of your “quick wins,” or when you’re taking a break from your “major projects.” Since these guys require little effort, they’re great tasks for staying productive when your energy is low.


Thankless Projects

This is your “low impact, high effort” section. These are tasks that are real time-suckers, and they’re not all that rewarding. Tasks like these often steal valuable time from those “major projects” you could be working on. Toss these tasks away completely if you can. Otherwise, see if you can delegate some of the work, or at least break it down into something more manageable.

See? It’s not as scary as it sounds. Let us know if this strategy is helpful in the comments below.


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