How to Deal When There’s Too Much on Your Plate

Exams, papers, projects, internships…There’s so much to do, and (sometimes) so little time. When you feel like you’re drowning in work and responsibilities, it’s not long before you get stressed to the point where you’re completely exhausted and burnt out. That’s why we’re letting you know how to deal when there’s too much on your plate.

Delegate tasks where you can.

Is it possible that somebody can lend you a helping hand? For example, maybe another member from your group project can take some tasks off of your plate. Or, maybe a coworker can cover your work shift so you can focus on studying. And as for chores and errands? Ask your roommate if they can handle it this week, and you’ll make up for it next week when you have more time.


Say “no” when necessary.

People often get uncomfortable with saying “no.” Maybe they feel like they’re letting someone down, but that’s really not the case! Sometimes you have to say “no” to hanging out with friends so you can study for your exam. Other times you have to say “no” when your manager asks you to pick up a shift because you have homework. And sometimes, you even have to say “no” to that favor your friend asked you. But don’t worry, you can always make it up to them later!



Create a prioritized “to-do” list.

When you have a lot on your plate, organization is a must. Seriously, it’ll save you so much stress! Write out all of your responsibilities, then figure out which ones are top priority. These are the tasks you should focus on first. As for the tasks at the bottom of your list? You might even realize you can cut them out entirely—at least until you have more free time.


And come up with a plan of action.

Now that you have your prioritized to-do list, how will you tackle it? Take a look at your schedule and start filling in your plan—like studying for Wednesday’s Chem exam during your lunch break on Tuesday, and so on. When you’ve actually written out a plan, it saves you from that panic of feeling like you don’t have time for everything.


Work on stress management.

Having an overwhelming workload is definitely a high-stress situation. We know finding ways to de-stress seems like the last thing you have time for right now, but it’s so important. When stress gets high and you feel burnt out, it kills your motivation and productivity. That’s why a little bit of self-care – even if it’s just for a few minutes – is necessary. You’ll work much more efficiently when you’re not exhausted from your own stress.

What tips work best for you? Share them with our readers in the comments below.


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  1. Elinor Sarao says:

    What about when you are the main person and you part time hours get cut I withdraw and will pick up in the fall any other ways to deal with income loss I am looking for a full time job now

  2. renae says:

    what about relationships ?

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